moscow area woman fees dead husband charges

Woman Allegedly Forced Her Children To Feed Their Dad’s Dead Body For Years

Russian police officers claim a woman had her five children to feed their dead father’s body for nearly three years. Central Yaroslavl region prosecutors maintain that the unidentified woman kept her husband’s body in their Moscow area apartment after his death because she believed he would be resurrected.

Law enforcement officers began an investigation into the bizarre scenario after the man’s body was found inside a plastic bag in a dumpster in July. The dead body was allegedly kept on a bed inside the apartment. The Russian woman supposedly had her children feed and talk to their dad’s corpse, according to the Huffington Post.

The man was reportedly a Pentecostal missionary. He wife is believed to have been a member of his congregation, IBN Live notes. Investigators reportedly feel that the headless body was placed outdoors not because of a murder but the results of a failed Biblical miracle. The mummified body was also missing an arm.

The Russian family reportedly lived an isolated life. The missionary’s wife is also a certified pre-school teacher. The woman allegedly could not come to terms with the fact that her husband was dead and told the children he would one day resurrect. The woman supposedly never entered his room, fearing that if she communicated with his too early it would ruin the resurrection. The children allegedly to their mom and their dead father conversed with them.

Two of the children reportedly decided it was time to dispose of their father’s dead body when the family was preparing to move into a different apartment. The Russian woman was supposedly able to mask the very distinct smell of a rotting corpse by using multiple air fresheners. The man is believed to have died from natural causes in 2009, the New York Daily News reports.