Girl's Day -- 2017 Comeback Teaser

Girls’s Day Will Make K-Pop Comeback After 2-Year Long Hiatus, DAI5Y Ecstatic

Back in 2010, Dream Tea Entertainment debuted their newest K-pop girl group, Girl’s day. Though they were formed under a smaller or less popular entertainment label and agency, the girl group now consisting of four members — Minah, Sojin, Hyeri, and Yura — made an impact with their debut which resulted with exponential increases in their sales in subsequent K-pop comebacks.

To see just how exponential their popularity is, all one has to do is see the growth in sales of their four extended plays (EP) or mini-albums with the “Everyday” moniker. Everyday sold over 7,000 copies. Everyday 2 saw a dip and sold almost 6,000 copies. Everyday 3 sold more than 23,000 copies. Finally, Everyday 4 sold over 28,000 copies, while their last Korean full-length studio album Love sold over 40,000 copies. Needless to say, Girl’s Day is one of the more popular K-pop girl groups in the industry today.

Girl's Day's 'Ring My Bell' Album Cover
The last K-pop comeback Girl’s Day had was in July of 2015 with ‘Love’ featuring title track song ‘Ring My Bell.’ [Image by Dream Tea Entertainment/Girl’s Day’s Official Daum Cafe]

However, many K-pop fans, especially those who are DAI5Y (official fan club of Girl’s Day), have grown concerned if Girl’s Day would make their K-pop comeback. Take note that Love was released back in July of 2015, almost two years ago. Since then, Girl’s Day as a girl group has done nothing. As a matter of fact, news about Girl’s Day was debilitating because most of the time it was about extending their hiatus which led K-pop fans to thoughts of disbandment.

The Hallyu stars must have aligned right because the wait is finally over. After a hiatus that lasted almost two years, Girl’s Day is finally making their K-pop comeback.

Girl’s Day’s K-pop comeback was confirmed by Dream Tea Entertainment last Friday, March 10 KST, as reported by Mwave. According to the report, the girl group will be releasing a new track song on Monday, March 27 KST. They also made known that its genre will be dance. As for the music video, it was already recorded two days ago on March 13. As for pre-release teasers, they just started to roll out. The first teaser is a group image in which all four members are dressed in silver against an all-silver background (featured image). Apparently, it was a shot that was taken during the filming of the music video, which gives K-pop fans and DAI5Y a sneak peek on what to expect.

Since there is almost two weeks until the new song releases, with the exception of the teaser image featured, we have no other promotions to show. We do know that Girl’s Day did appear on Ask Us Anything, a K-variety show that airs on the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC). According to numerous Korean news outlets like Naver and Xports News, recording for the upcoming episode will happen soon but will air on Saturday, March 25, at 8:50 p.m. KST. Since its air date is just two days before their K-pop comeback, many speculated the track song would release on the show. It has now been confirmed by a source that the exact content has not been confirmed.

Nevertheless, it will be great to see Girl’s Day together again on television as the cast of Ask Us Anything puts them through the comedy ringer of unexpected moments and incidents, something they are surprisingly good at instigating. As for DAI5Y, hype is making its rounds on social media as numerous social media groups dedicated to the K-pop girl group are suddenly alive after news of the comeback dropped.

As mentioned earlier, Girl’s Day will make their K-pop comeback on Monday, March 27. The track song is expected to release at midnight KST, but with the changes done with the music charts, it may release later.

[Featured Image by Dream Tea Entertainment/Girl’s Day’s Official Daum Cafe]