Funny March Madness Bracket Names: Hilarious Picks For Your NCAA Tournament Pool

Funny March Madness Bracket Names: Hilarious Picks For Your NCAA Tournament Pool

Looking for a funny name for your 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket? Here are plenty of picks to make your March Madness pool the funniest one in the office — even if it’s not the best.

With the 2017 NCAA Tournament starting with the play-in games on Tuesday, there’s not much time left to fill out the brackets and submit your picks. But just as important as picking the Final Four right and getting the right 12-seed upsets is finding a funny name for your March Madness bracket. Sure, you could always just give your bracket your own name or “Rhode Island No. 1 Fan,” but what’s the fun in that?

So, what works best in a funny March Madness bracket name? In this case, puns and timeliness rule the day.

There are a few dozen great bracket names about the most controversial player in the tournament, Duke guard Grayson Allen. His scrappy play — and tendency to kick opponents — makes great fodder for a funny March Madness bracket name.

So if you’re inclined to make a play on Allen’s name for your funny March Madness bracket name, here are some choices:

  • 50 Shades of Grayson Allen
  • Grayson Allen’s Tripping Hazard
  • Grayson’s Anatomy
  • Grayson All-In

Maybe you’re not a Duke fan, — or a Grayson Allen hater — and that’s fine too. There are plenty of other choices for fans of other teams, like the timeless “When I Think About Bill Self I Touch Myself” or “Ashley’s Judds.”

A number of people are also sharing their funny NCAA Tournament bracket names on Twitter, including the punny “Hoops… I Did It Again.” Another suggested “Final Fourgasm.”

To give more of a guideline to picking the best 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket name, Slate offers a list of the ones that are a bit overdone. Using a list of the names already submitted to’s Tournament Challenge, the report found that people tend to love bragging about their skills in picking upsets.

“On Monday morning I downloaded all 156,200 team names that had already been registered in’s Tournament Challenge. The most popular name chosen by those who had customized their bracket? Upset City. After that, Upsets. Followed by the underwhelming Chalk, Main Bracket, and Upset Bracket.”

The report also noted that in other Fantasy Sports leagues, competitors can have a tendency to pick names that are a bit sexist.

“But in addition to the playful puns, there’s a darker side to fantasy sports naming: Many of the top names include various levels of sexism, ranging from ‘jokes’ about domestic violence like Beats by Ray (the second most popular fantasy football name last year), to the less awful but still uncomfortable Rose Before Hoes (No. 2 in NBA fantasy) and Bros Before Hossas (No. 3 in NHL).”

Because NCAA Tournament pools are a bit more inclusive, and because there will more than likely be both women and men together in your pool, it’s probably best to avoid those sexist names and opt for a funnier one instead.

So what are some other funny March Madness pool names? If you want some other picks that are a bit more timeless, here are some suggestions.

  • Hoop, There It Is
  • Stretch Final Fours
  • Church of Bracketology
  • March Sadness
  • Full Metal Bracket
  • Take Off Your Pants And Bracket
  • Bracketball
  • What’s With All The Bracket?
  • Final Pour

More choices for funny March Madness bracket names can be found here. So even if you don’t win, at least you’ll get a laugh out of your co-workers.

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