customers complain about empty Kylighters from Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Sending Cosmetics Customers Empty Highlighters

This is not a good look for cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner as customers are once again complaining about the quality of her products.

Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand has once again come under scrutiny as customers accuse the 19-year-old of sending out empty highlighter boxes. Dubbed ‘Kylighters,’ the $22 highlighters first dropped at the end of February. Customers have begun to receive their Kylighters and share their opinions on social media.

Unfortunately, some of those reviews include angry customers who claim their products came empty. Beauty sites such as Cosmopolitan have taken to reporting on the makeup mishap as Kylie fans complain about the lack of product.

“But when those fans finally began receiving their purchased Kylighters without any product inside the packaging (lolol), they lost their minds for a different reason.”

Per usual, Jenner made headlines with her latest cosmetics addition as fans were eager to get their hands on her six different shades of highlighter. However, she’s now making headlines for yet another packaging mistake as her brand’s quality continues to be questioned.

Shoppers took to Twitter to post images of their empty Kylighter boxes as they demanded Kylie do something to fix the situation.

It appears Kylie Cosmetics customer service is aware of the situation as fans post screenshots of responses they received regarding the empty packaging. Customers are being told a “courtesy replacement package” will be sent out to replace the original (and empty) product. However, Kylie herself has yet to comment on the latest cosmetics fiasco.

It also seems receiving empty products isn’t the only issue with the Kylighters as fans also post images of broken makeup. One such customer shared an image of a completely shattered highlighter as she asked if anyone else had the same problem. People commented back to her post saying they didn’t receive any product in their packaging at all.

“At least you got something, mine was missing.”

However, once again, customer service was contacted and stated a replacement is on the way. At least Kylie has responsive customer care given all the issues her brand has faced! Besides broken and missing Kylighters, customers were also reporting an interesting ‘glitch’ on their products as Cosmo reported.

“But that wasn’t the only Kylighter mishap during the first shipment of orders. Some of the boxes also included sketchy labels taped on top of the shade names to hide the words “First Date” underneath.”

Indeed, customers started peeling off these stickers to reveal the name of one of Jenner’s blushes from the Valentine’s Day collection.

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This has started a rumor that Kylie plans to release the limited-edition blushes next as the packaging is printed with names already. However, Cosmo states neither Kylie nor her cosmetics company have responded to questions regarding the sticker coverups as they work to address the issue of empty Kylighter boxes.

“There are no answers for the great packaging mystery of 2017, but the brand is actively resolving the empty box issue.”

Kylie Cosmetics fans are well aware of the issues the brand has faced in the past as the most recent incidents only some of the complaints people have had. Jenner previously had to send out new brushes to customers who ordered lip glosses as the initial ones were too long for the tube. Upon opening the product, customers found the wands to be unusable as they were frayed.

In that case, Kylie took action as she addressed the problem and replaced all her customers’ lip gloss brushes. Jenner also had stated she cares about the quality of her products and wants her fans to be satisfied. However, it seems quality control isn’t something that has improved much since the great lip gloss scandal as Kylie has yet to even comment on the Kylighter issue.

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