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New Casey Anthony Evidence Promised By Orlando TV Station

WKMG-TV claims to have new evidence against Casey Antony

Orlando, FL – Casey Anthony is under investigation by Orlando’s WKMG-TV, and news director Steve Hyvonen says the station has “evidence that could have changed the jury’s mind — evidence that points right at Casey.”

Reporter Tony Pipitone filed the story, which Hyvonen says was “never presented in court, because the prosecution didn’t know about it.”

In a promo for the report, Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, said, “I don’t understand how no one ever knew about this evidence.”

The report will air during WKMG’s 11 pm newscast on Tuesday.

Casey Anthony is currently engaged in a civil lawsuit with Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing the “Tot Mom” for defamation after Anthony claimed a woman with a similar name kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Anthony is planning to plead the fifth in that case, but her brother, Lee, will have to testify. The trial is scheduled to begin in January 2013.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney, John Dill, said, “Casey Anthony could potentially be held in criminal contempt if she fails to appear. I wouldn’t tempt this judge if I were her.”

Anthony claimed she wasn’t able to get a fair trial in Orlando, as the publicity for her murder trial and subsequent legal trials haven’t died down. Gonzalez’s attorney, Keith Mitnik, said they believed they “can get justice anywhere.” He also said the defense should pay for any costs if the trial is moved.

Under Florida’s civil procedure rules, the party asking for a change of venue has to pay all associated costs.

Anthony’s lawyer said his client is “indigent” and has no source of income to pay the costs of moving the trial.

What do you think WKMG’s new evidence against Casey Anthony could be? Do you think she can get a fair trial in Orlando?

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129 Responses to “New Casey Anthony Evidence Promised By Orlando TV Station”

  1. Julie Severt Cohn

    Like everyone doesn't KNOW she did it and thanks to a pathetic jury, got away with murder! But I would like to know what the proof is? How can we see the newscast?

  2. Kelly Correia

    Yup we ALL know she did it and she should have NEVER gotten off it makes me sick so I hope I really hope what they have will hang her arse.

  3. Kelly Correia

    Yup we ALL know she did it and she should have NEVER gotten off it makes me sick so I hope I really hope what they have will hang her arse.

  4. Cassey Dawson

    of course she should be, everyone knows it, and it just goes to show how fucked our systems are!

  5. Calla Walker

    Well I'm sure the new evidence could be a number of things but don't get all happy over new evidence cause she cannot be retried for the death of Caylee even if it all points to Casey its called Double Jeopardy Will Not Happen!

  6. Sharon Foster

    Doesn't matter due to double jeopardy laws unless the feds will find a way to prosecute. Most people believe she killed her daughter regardless of where they hold a trial and she did harm Zenaidas reputation.

  7. Meryl O'Reilly

    She's GUILTY! If she so damn indigent WHO'S PAYING HER ATTONEY????? I know of no attorney that continues to reresent a child murdering purjuring bitch for free.

  8. Martin Jarrett

    I would like to know if this new evidence surfaced before the criminal trial, and if it did, why did whoever discovered it hold on to it.

  9. Lisa Stewart

    Double jeopardy laws are that a person can not be tried again on the same evidence but if new evidence is introduced then the suspect can be tried again for the same crime.

  10. Melki Sihou

    Please. Unless it was a video of her in the act… Then she probably wouldn't be put away. Any rational thinking person would assume that what was already presented was proof enough. Guess there is no accounting for idiots.

  11. Donna Shreve Etgen Laughman

    I would like to see that news cast to!!!! They should post it on Facebook!!!!

  12. Sue Roberts-Kurpis

    Actually, your statement is not correct. The only time the new evidence would permit a new trial is if the defense actively hid the evidence, i.e., the gun in the lawyer's safe or the body not being found until after trial and the State used all available means to locate any evidence. Such cases are very rare so no matter what the alleged "new" evidence is, it is unlikely to change the result.

  13. Gail Finnell

    Lisa you are incorrect as much as we would like to see her tried again she cannot be tried twice for the same crime. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides, "No person shall … be subject for the same offence [sic] to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb." This provision, known as the Double Jeopardy Clause, prohibits state and federal governments from prosecuting individuals for the same crime on more than one occasion, or imposing more than one punishment for a single offense. Each of the 50 states offers similar protection through its own constitution, statutes, and Common Law.

  14. Estrella Caban

    Fair trail?! That peace of crape got away with killing that beautiful baby she don't deserve a fair anything! She needs to be stoned to death!!!!

  15. Gail Finnell

    BUT the prosecution has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. Unfortunately I believe that she killed her daughter, but am glad that our justice system works, it may not always work the way we want it to in our hearts, but it is the best system on the planet.

  16. Julie Severt Cohn

    I watched the entire trial and I believe the prosecution did the best that they could! Baez was a complete and utter JOKE and the jury fell for his antics hook line and sinker!

  17. Camille Verrastro Marasco

    she has to live with her self for the rest of her life i hope her daughter haunts her.

  18. Julie Severt Cohn

    If you think she is innocent I have some desert land I would like to sell you! The jury got this one WRONG and there is a murderer lose on the streets that does NOT need to ever have another child! Moving on and geting a life could very easily cost another life down the road!

  19. Jerry Mitchell

    I also watched the trial, and I thought that Ashton blew it, and some of the witness's were a joke such as Arpad Vass….The prosecution had way to many theories for any jury to come to the conclusion of a manner of death….And for the record I believe she was guilty as hell but with what the jury was given and the jury's instructions I knew she was going to get acquitted….And as far as Baez, that was his job, it is the same job any defense attorney has, poke holes in any and all theories….

  20. Tania Roden Hummelgard

    Don't' tell me this and then not share what the evidence is! That's just not fair.

  21. Linda Laycook Terhune

    Who needs new evidence? She did it, got away with it, can't be tried, again & sadly, got away with murdering her beautiful daughter………….. there is not justice for that child…

  22. Julie Severt Cohn

    Baez did things in court that are not even legal and should not of been allowed in any court of law! He threw out "theories" that could not be backed up. That isn't even legal for any lawyer to do, yet it was done and the judge allowed it and like I said, the jury bought it hook line and sinker when in reality most people would see the smoke and mirrors and realize when the attorney cannot back up anything he claims, not to believe it! Example: went to school after having a penis in her mouth. Yet Baez could NOT back up that statement! I know the burden of proof is on the prosecution, but when the defense is outright LYING with theories, it should of been a NO BRAINER!

  23. Eric Wilson

    It's not the jury, it's the prosecution and the pressure from the public and media to put someone away without a proper investigation before going to trial. Yes it was horrible news, but blame the system not the jury; they went off of facts and evidence. It will be a sad day when our convictions rely on jurists' gut!

  24. Linda Laycook Terhune

    Jerry Mitchell The prosecution did an excellent job… I watched nearly every day… The only thing we couldn't see were the pictures of the baby. Their job was outstanding, the jury sucked & bought the all the UNPROVEN lies presented by Casey and her lawyer… no justice. People are gullible and blindly believe anything deceptive , just look at who is in the WH

  25. Julie Severt Cohn

    Also, I believe the jury themselves made it too complicated when it should of been down to one simple fact alone… the simple fact that Casey Anthony is the ONLY one who could answer what happened and was last seen with the child, yet refused to answer a single thing that wasn't proven a lie! It doesn't take a genious to listen to the 911 calls and tell who's lying and changing her story over and over. Why did none of the common sense issues kick in with any of the jury? It makes no sense to me!

  26. Linda Laycook Terhune

    Jerry Mitchell Baez was lucky… he was lucky to get that jury. Watching him was like watching amateur hour. There were MANY times he looked and acted and said things that were outright juvenile. It was hard to get GREAT witnesses when no one witnessed at thing. Ashton played the cards he was dealt and the jury got distracted away from the evidence that was there. I am with Julie above, Baez was a joke & the jury bought his clown act hook, line and sinker.

  27. Trudy Strand

    Who cares if her next trial is a "fair" one? We all know she did it, and was it fair to her poor little daughter that she got off? NOT!

  28. Jerry Mitchell

    Julie Severt Cohn The thing is the Defense does not have to prove ANYTHING, that is the job of the prosecution….Opening statements are not facts, it is a summation of what they EXPECT to show, but as trials wear on things from the opening statement may be added to or dropped altogether, The jury did exactly what they were supposed to do, the prosecution said she could have died like this or she could have dies from that, I think if they would have stuck to a single cause of death they would have been more likely to get the conviction that you desired, but the prosecution did not in any way PROVE murder….And once again I do think She is/was guilty….But the jury followed the judges instructions, and I think with what they were presented they had no choice but to acquit…. And again a defense lawyers job is to do exactly what Baez did, get your client acquitted, it does not matter if you think it was a clown show, the fact is there was a 12 person jury and she was acquitted on all charges in the death by all 12 jurors, because if even one would have thought guilty it would have resulted in a hung jury and not an acquittal….

  29. Julie Severt Cohn

    Yup and like I said above, NO lawyer is even allowed to throw out crap like Baez did without being able to back up the claims of molestation. How was Baez allowed to do this? Also it is on the jury for NOT seeing that Baez even did it and was not able to back up his statements! I did some research and found that Baez could of even been disbarred for doing that! Again, NO lawyer can throw out theories without having some kind of evidence or testimony to back up the claim, yet he did it and got away with it!

  30. Jerry Mitchell

    Julie Severt Cohn I think you need to go back to law school, an opening statement is in no way a fact, and should not be taken as a fact, The defense is under no obligation to PROVE anything that is the job of the prosecutor….

  31. Julie Severt Cohn

    That is not true! NO lawyer can make up LIES in opening statements! There has to be some kind of witness or evidence to back it up. You are right that the defense is under no obligation to prove anything accept HIS OWN theories he throws out himself! Look it up! I DID!!!

  32. Robin Smith

    That B is narcisistic phycho and needs to spend the rest of her life behind bars, duct tapping her babies mouth and suffocating her, what a piece of s**t no good pile of crap. I don't hate people but I hate this creep and hope she chokes to death like she did to her baby.

  33. Jayme Marquardt

    That's "beyond a reasonable doubt," not all doubt or a shadow of a doubt. Sometimes I think people don't know what reasonable means anymore.

  34. Jerry Mitchell

    Well you get a gold star for the day!!!! But you should look again….
    Judge O.H. Eaton Jr., the station’s legal analyst, gave an answer that viewers could interpret several ways. “Actually, they don’t have to prove what they said. They just have to raise a reasonable doubt about it,” Eaton said.

  35. Linda Laycook Terhune

    I am with you Julie, Baez did get away with a LOT of showmanship and accusations – one after another after another… it was a disgusting display of amateur hour by a lawyer who got LUCKY to have a gullible jury, who, again, are like Obama voters. They bought into a SERIES of random unsupported lies & fairy tales. The prosecutor had some solid stuff & if they jury had the ability weed out the nonsense from the evidence, they would have found her guilty — Guilty people have been convicted on LESS than what was against her… I blame the judge who allowed the circus act to continue and the jury who are probably all Obama voters

  36. Amber Nelson

    Casey Anthony got away with murder plan and simple,what about the brother he was acting like the griving father what about that.

  37. Jerry Mitchell

    Linda Laycook Terhune You mean like a can of air….LOL
    And what does who anyone voted for a year and a half later have to do with anything we are discussing????

  38. Julie Severt Cohn

    Either way, why was that not enough for the jury to see through Baez when he didn't back up ANY of his statements while at the same time having all Casey's lies proven? I believe the jury should of convicted. Many have been convicted on a LOT less! like I said, the 911 calls alone pointed to ONE person and proved all her lies. And I know a liar does not make a murderer, but it does when she was the ONLY one with the child and the only one that knows what happened. Nobody is stupid enough to believe that an accident would of caused the baby to end up in the woods throw out in a trash bag. Come on jury!!!

  39. Jerry Mitchell

    Julie Severt Cohn I am not claiming she was innocent, far from it, I just think the Prosecution made it far harder for the jury to convict her then to acquit her….

  40. Linda Laycook Terhune

    That's not what this clown did……….. For example, ""Arouse the interest of the jurors in your case and general theory so that they want to hear your evidence""" SURE, he did make them curious to hear evidence on behalf of Casey, but he didn't give a single tiny bit of evidence to them. So that further proves how stupidly gullible they were… they heard no evidence to support his nasty allegations yet they bought into them. And if you were truly watching every day, you would know that he made up more / new unproven theories throughout the entire trial, not just the opening statement…

  41. Tori Moore

    New evidence can result in new charges. She can be tried on different charges, however the evidence from prior trial may not be used! Also Federal charges can be filed as well, that would not be double jeopardy!

  42. Bette Connors Crapser

    Jerry Mitchell The evidence was all there, yes it got muddled with all theories, but it was fact the child was dead in the car for a time. no one disputed that Casey had the car. The glaring fact to me was that Cindy and George testified that Caylee always had her backpack and doll with her everywhere she went, that was not disputed. George said that she left that last time with Caylee going down the walk with her backpack on and her doll with her mother. Never to be seen again. Where was the doll and backpack found? In the car! That proves she was with her mother, she didn't drown in the pool. She didn't kill herself, so who does that leave? And it explains all the piles of lies she told. Common sense.

  43. Lisa Schultz

    It's beyond ridiculous that this piece of garbage isn't in jail. Who the HELL doesn't report their own child missing? Answer – the person responsible for their death.

  44. Jerry Mitchell

    Linda Laycook Terhune I highly doubt she was acquitted just from Beaz's opening statements….
    I think Jeff Ashton laughing had more to do with the verdict then either opening statement….
    And please answer my question about what anyone voting preference a year and a half later had to do with what we were talking about????

  45. Jerry Mitchell

    Bette Connors Crapser The prosecution fumbled the ball plain and simple….The defense's job is to muddle theories and cast doubt….Again I believe she was/is guilty but the jury had to go by what was presented in the case and the only one that has to PROVE anything is the prosecutor….

  46. Leah Rogers Marks

    she was tried for murder at the state level. double jeopardy does apply for the state. but federal could try her for murder and double jeopardy would not apply.

  47. Julie Severt Cohn

    Jerry what you are missing here is the "common sense" we are talking about that most jurors use! This jury used NONE! Jury's have convicted on much less because of a little common sense! In this case it wouldn't of taken much because of the MOUND of circumstantial evidence. There is hardly EVER a smoking gun, yet jury's normally have a little instinct in the matter, but not this time!

  48. Amanda Bryant Harrison

    Leah you are correct….at the state level she was acqitted, but if the federal gov't can produce more evidence that can prove she done it, then they can charge her with murder and it will not fall under the Double Jeopardy clause…..It would be nice if they would do that and find a jury that is compitent enough to act as jurors, because those other ones, well, i don't know what was wrong with those idiots….

  49. Amanda Roland

    I think it doesn't really matter at this point. She was found innocent by a jury of her peers and regardless of any new evidence that comes forward she can not be prosecuted again. By continuing to bring attention to her all people are doing is feeding into her infamy and noteriety and further giving her a jumping off point to continue to be well known and make a living that way, instead of having to re-join normal society and contribute. You really think she's guilty and want to get at her? Ignore her. She's just a person like everyone else. She got her fair trial, and it's over and done with wether you agree with the verdict or not. This is the problem with allowing the media to be a part of the justice system.

  50. Linda Laycook Terhune

    Jerry… that is two subjects now (Beaz's opening statements and the voting reference) that have been explained in earlier posts & referenced twice… all in this very same thread. I don't think you actually read all the responses or you are not reading them very carefully…It is not for me to go back and explain things that have already been explained (more than once); please, just read the entire thread & I am sure you will figure it all out

  51. Linda Wilson Devitt

    I think God will want to see her first and then HE will send her on down. So I think they both are waiting. Caylee might want to say a few things too.

  52. Linda Laycook Terhune

    Jerry Mitchell that coming from a person who cannot seem to follow a single thread online. (And I bet you are/were an Obama voter) @ Julie, well said… but alas, a lost cause. Jerry is right, the world is wrong & he cannot seem to understand anyone else's other's opinions or points. Time is wasting

  53. Julie Severt Cohn

    I disagree! I think if there is any shred of evidence out there it needs to come out so the world will KNOW proof positive so that in the least she will NEVER be allowed to adopt a puppy, let alone a baby as she has said she would like to do!!!

  54. Julie Severt Cohn

    They can totally get her on improper disposal of a dead body! Laws are crazy strict on that now. You can't even spread a loved ones ashes without filing for permission and paying disposal fees these days! If they can get a shred of proof, they can nail her ass to the wall and I hope they do!

  55. Bette Connors Crapser

    Jerry Mitchell I agree with you completely, and that evidence was presented that is how I know about it. The jury heard and knew this, they just didn't take the time to put it all together. You can use commonsense with the facts presented, that is my complaint with the jury. They either did not comprehend what was presented or just used no commonsense. I think the prosecution over did a case that wasn't as complicated as it appeared to be, that is what happens when there is too much publicity. There is no doubt in my mind that she killed her, just from watching the trial, it was all there.

  56. Gail Finnell

    Sorry Jayme you are correct it is reasonable doubt not shadow. Too much literature with my oldest :).
    It is nice to sit here and second guess the jury, but none of us were at the trial or on the jury. Do we not think that it was a hard decision for them???? I am sure it was, but obviously there was room for doubt so they acquitted. IT sucks, but still the best legal system on the planet.

  57. Sandy Molinari

    Really I don't beleive in the death penalty…but in this case, I do! she killed an innocent child. Why not let her parents adopt her, she was to selfish so she killed little Caylee! pure evil!

  58. Hairball Spencer

    Justice is a joke , all court is , is a place where one attorney outscrews another , they have this shit already figured out before your Ass ever hits that courtroom , they work out all the deals at dinners together , and a lot of times with the judge also , legal system is all about one hand washing the other , as long as someone's paying the bill ….. I've seen so many people get screwed , and others walk out free as a bird , its all b.s.

  59. Marilyn Mesi Pona

    The question you have posed is: "Do you think she can get a fair trial in Orlando?" My answer: WHO CARES! She has enjoyed freedom and her baby girl Caylee died a terrible death and was tossed like garbage. This trial doesn't carry a death sentence so I hope new evidence is allowed to come forward and they rake her over the coals. Besides, where could they move this trial that people do not know about this case backward & forward. This case had fixed global attention. Maybe they should try a Lunar venue.

  60. Ashley Lloyd

    Everyone. Knows she did it ..she was already found nor guilty its over. Falls too double jeopardy

  61. Elaine McEachin

    I think hell would be to good for her. She will pay the price one day and if everyone remembers this case and doesn't let her forget it, how good of a life did she end up with.. To chicken to kill her self but could her beautiful daughter who didn't have a chance.

  62. Jerry Mitchell

    Linda Laycook Terhune Why would I read 200 posts where everyone says the same thing??
    And I wanted to know What YOU meant by YOUR comment About The election….But I have since changed my mind because your opinion Matters to you….But what you are saying is since I disagree with you that I must have voted for Obama, LOL….Maybe you should self deport….
    @Betty and @Julie I appreciate your opinions I just disagree, That does not mean we can not have a discussion with out the condescending tone of that Linda person….
    And no I did not read the whole thread, I seen your comment first Julie and responded to that and and no I am not going to read 200 other posts that say basically what you said first because it gets redundant….We just disagree about why the murderer got acquitted but at least we have a system where a person has a chance of getting acquitted by a jury of their peers with the evidence instead of a system where someone is convicted in the media….

  63. Kory Bentley

    best system on the planet? im an army active duty army combat vet with a lot of ptsd problmes. I got two dui's right after deployment in 2009 (havent drank and drive since then). have been on a straight and narrow path staying out of trouble. have been doing heavy treatment at the VA here in seattle for almost 3 years. and yet, the courts STILL fine me, put me in jail for having "slips" with alcohol, which I man-up and admit to. I guarantee you I have been punished ten-fold for two ptsd induced dui's than casey anthony has for killing a child. I have been punished, yet and these crooks in suits on wall street that ruined our economy walk free. ceo's making millions off dirty money. people responsible for the worst environmental tragedy in american history (BP) never went behind bars. this is a country where regular citizens are presumed guilty until proven innocent (not to include casey anthony here), and the rich and celebrity are smiled upon by our justice system and simply slapped on the wrist for their wrong-doings, meanwhile millions of veterans and ordinary americans like myself find themselves in jail because we dont have the propper recources to defend ourselves because not a lot of people care within our courts system. its all about the $$$. chose your words very wisely when you say we have the best justice system in the world.

  64. Gail Finnell

    First Kory thank you for your service to our country, but yes we have the best legal system on the planet. In many countries both you and casey would be behind bars still waiting for a hearing or never receiving one at all. Our system is flawed but it is still the best on the planet.

  65. Karen L. Monsour

    She should be in prison for life…Julie, Baez did his job, he was supposed to defend her…we all knew she did it and so do her parents…Very sad that child lost her life to a crazy woman…you can see from her pictures, she looks as crazy as the one who shot the Senator.

  66. Matthew Swanson

    yup – whether ya like him or not (dont know anyone who really DOES though) Baez did his job, and got done what he was asked to do. This is just gonna make the prosecution look EVEN WORSE

  67. Doris Doherty

    I have tried to comment but I just cannot. I keep seeing the dump site where she dumped her little girl.
    The above line my friends is the definition of a bad seed.

  68. Teri Hixon

    If she is guilty, I pray that justice is done. No one should ever get by with murder, especially murder of their own daughter.

  69. Marlene Asnicar

    But I was a juror on a trial that the man had already been tried and convicted of 1st degree murder(of course I didnt know till after the trial) it was a retrial because apperently the judge didnt instruct the jurors on the laws of intoxacation (made no difference to us 12 jurors) and he was convicted again on 1st degree murder of a 10 yr old boy

  70. Tori Moore

    she was found not guilty… NOT INNOCENT! BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE LEGAL ARENA! And yes new charges can be filed.. just not the ones from prior.. or Federal charges are an option… if the choose to do so!

  71. Pam Knox

    Lisa Stewart Not true. The Feds can bring a similar charge but the state cannot does not matter if they come up with new evidence or not. Google it.
    As far as who is paying her attorney, she is using different attorneys all of the time and notoriety pays a lot of future bills in the form of future clients.

  72. Chicky Granny

    As the saying goes, "AN eye for and eye…" Justice will be done when this child killer goes through the same thing she put her innocent little girl through.

  73. Elizabeth Elaine Bailey

    I believe that somebody really dropped the ball whenever they tried her case in court.

  74. Gloria Brenda Jones


  75. Susan Browder

    If she Cant pay well. How is she suriving now make payments or Maybe u should just Take what u Get after all u did lie and slander her name

  76. Richard A Nygaard

    I'm not going to disagree with that. I think she should have been found guilty and given the death penalty. I was just hoping she has made things right in her life with God.

  77. Mike Pardue

    I beleive that God knows all things and allows things to happen for a reason, even if we here on earth don't understand why or how he does. Not one of us knows what Caylee's life would be like today, or as she grew older and became an adult. Casey got away with murder here on earth but that also was gods plan she will live rest her life her on earth in a kind of a hell and when she does die she will burn in hell for eternity. Caylee is at peace and is an Angel standing beside God for all the world to remember….

  78. Coleen's Page

    Wow I feel I surfed onto the psychotic lynch mob page. Unless she makes a detailed confession not under duress or you or I saw her do it, she is innocent until proven guilty. Nothing like trial by media.

  79. Debra K Edwards

    I would love to read and/or see what evidence…..I wonder if the jurist are sorry for finding her NOT GUILTY! And I wouldn't want the world knowing who I was either if I were one of them!
    RIP Little Caylee :-(

  80. Debra K Edwards

    Watching Casey Anthony come in and sit in the courtroom smiling and laughing…..even if she didn't di it…..her baby had been murdered and discarded like trash! It disgusted me to no end! Who would have put a heart sticker over duct tape on sweet little mouth? She should at least have gotten something for hiding her body and lying to police! And to allow Baez to stand in the court and accuse her father and brother of such things! What a selfish B***H!

  81. Michelle Capron

    She deserves what she did to her daughter!!! God will get vengeance!!! The whole case was like Simpsons,,, I hope she does go to prison and get what's coming to her,,,,

  82. Mia Donativo

    She got a fair trial the first time and got off. How could she even think she would get an unfair trial there? Am I missing something?

  83. Joe Corrado

    She could come out tomorrow and say she killed her daughter and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She's been tried and found not guilty, so there is no double jeopardy. Sure, she will most likely lose any civil suit(s), but you won't get blood from a rock. This new evidence is nothing more than a ratings generator for the news station. Nothing more, nothing less.

  84. Debra K Edwards

    Kevin…if she didn't do it….then WHY would she cover anything up???? What mother lies to police, for 31 days leads the intire country on a wild goose chase looking for some woman she doesn't even know, says her baby drowns, tapes her mouth (with a heart sticker on her mouth), puts her in a garbage bag and throws her away????? So even if she didn't do it….she is GUILTY of ALL of that!

  85. Lisa Austin

    WE all know she killed little Caylee and she needs to pay for it. her the jury and that so called lawyer. I hope every night they lay there heads down to go to sleep little Caylee is all they see what I do know is they will get what's coming to them. Casey Anthony is a wisked wicked person I hope the rest of her life is so bad she cant stand it. R.I.P. little Caylee your in Gods hands he will get ustice for you.

  86. Traci Webster

    I totally agree with you. I also know in my heart that she did it, but the prosecution failed at delevering all the facts to the jury. I have to stand by their ruling because this is how our judicial system works. This is just as wrong as when an innocent person is actually sentenced for a crime that they did not commit. Our system is not perfect but at least we do have a right to a trial by our peers, unlike some countries who just assume guilt and give life death sentences without any trial whatsoever.

  87. Traci Webster

    No she is not innocent, but was found so by a jury that did not have all the facts and evidence to convict her. They did what they could with all that was given to them. But to be fair she was found "not guilty" due to lack of evidence produced at trial.

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