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Erika Girardi Discusses Her Mother On ‘RHOBH’ Following Comments About Her Son

Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards will be seen sitting down for an emotional chat about their mothers on tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode, Erika Girardi opens up to her co-star and friend about a recent conversation with her mother in which she apologized for being hard on her during her childhood. According to Girardi, her mother was very critical of her in the past and very much a disciplinarian. However, while speaking to her at the gravesite of her grandmother, the reality star and singer was praised for being a good wife and a good mom.

“It was very overwhelming to hear that I wasn’t crazy,” Erika Girardi told Kyle Richards as they sat on a bench at a park. It was “unexpected, yet really appreciated.”

Erika Girardi went on to reveal that her heart breaks for her mother because many of her dreams haven’t been realized. She also said that the issue likely resulted in her mother placing the burden upon her as a child.

“It’s hard for a kid to understand,” Girardi explained.

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Erika Girardi joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 6 after both Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards took on lesser roles. One season later, as she prepared for her second go-around with the women, her friend Yolanda Foster, who brought her to the series, announced she was leaving the show after appearing on the series for four seasons as a full-time housewife.

At the same time Erika Girardi joined the reality series, Kathryn Edwards, the wife of former NFL star Donnie Edwards, was brought to the show. However, after just one season, Edwards left the show.

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In addition to opening up about her mother, Erika Girardi also spoke candidly about her adult son who lives with her and her husband, attorney Thomas Girardi, in Los Angeles.

“It’s not weird [that people are interested in him],” Erika Girardi revealed to the Daily Dish last month. “I’m sure that they’re curious because the only thing that they see is this thing. But I am a mother. He is a police officer and he will remain off camera.”

Since Erika Girardi began starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 6, she has kept her son away from the cameras and will continue to do so. That said, her fans are quite curious about who Tommy is.

“Tom’s very busy and travels all the time. I travel all the time, and my son is super busy. So it’s nice,” Erika Girardi said of their relationship. “We have a really big house, so it’s nice to have him there. And it’s nice; listen let me be very honest I worry about my boy as I’m sure everyone whose family member is in law enforcement or in the military [is]… It’s nice to hear him come home. It’s nice to hear him come off duty and I can see his car in the driveway or I hear him walk up the steps.”

“To me, I sleep a little better at night just knowing that I know where he is,” she added.

Erika Girardi also said that having her son live at home is like having built-in security for her and her husband.

To see more of Erika Girardi, tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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