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Mel Gibson’s Father, Famous Holocaust Denier, Near Death At Actor’s Home

Hutton Gibson, the holocaust-denying father of Mel Gibson, is said to be near death on the actor’s estate. Mel Gibson first caused controversy when he refused to distance himself from his father, who called the holocaust “mostly fiction.” Hutton Gibson, 98, is said to be staying in the chapel on Mel Gibson’s estate in Agoura Hills, California, and is being cared for by members of the Church of the Holy Family.

The behavior of Mel and Hutton Gibson contributed to a new wave of speech against Jews, and anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States. Additionally, vandalism aimed at Jewish institutions and cemeteries has been disturbing, reports the Inquisitr. In St. Louis and outside of Philadelphia, headstones were vandalized and overturned in older Jewish cemeteries, but the communities have rallied around to repair whatever they could and fix the stones.

Radar Online reports that Hutton Gibson, the father of actor Mel Gibson, is said to be in seclusion on Mel Gibson’s property in his private chapel. According to sources close to Gibson, Hutton Gibson is in his last days, but he is being tended to 24/7 by members of the family church. The Gibson chapel is said to be on a hilltop overlooking the valley and that is where Hutton Gibson wants to be.


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As the ailing Gibson started declining, he stopped leaving the property.

“Hutton used to go out for lunch to a local café, but hasn’t been seen in public for months. He’s holed up in the church.”

Mel Gibson is said to have inherited his outspoken manner from Hutton Gibson, and many of his socio-political views, including many of his theories on the holocaust. Hutton Gibson is a WWII veteran, yet he has publicly questioned the number of deaths and the use of concentration camps and ovens.

“Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body. It takes one liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, (multiply that by) six million.”

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According to the Jerusalem Post, the rants that nearly ended Mel Gibson’s career were the thoughts and prejudices that Gibson was taught by his father. But even though Mel Gibson has toned down the rhetoric and has been accepted back into the Hollywood community, there are still some who question his belief system and doubt that he is a good person.

Actor Joshua Malina, best known for West Wing and Scandal, says that while Mel Gibson might have toned down his rants, he is still the same person and questions why anyone would give him an award.

“Surely the Hollywood Foreign Press could’ve found a younger, hipper racist, misogynist, Jew-hating homophobe to put onstage than Mel Gibson.”

But barring some huge epiphany, Malina says he has no interest in working with Gibson.

“I suppose if Mel Gibson had undergone some sort of sea change in perception, some profound revelation that his rage and intolerance were misguided, yeah I could embrace the guy and his work, but I haven’t seen that. Years ago he issued some carefully parsed words of apology, but I’ve seen a recent appearance where the interviewer is clearly trying to tease out some rumination from him on his past, some lesson learned, and he’s got nothing to say. It’s remarkable.”

Many say that a step in the right direction would have been to come out against his father and his refusal to believe that 6 million Jews died in the holocaust. He claims they simply emigrated and that the story was made up and fiction.

It’s unclear what is wrong with Hutton Gibson, but at 98, it’s possible that he is suffering from old age.

Do you think Mel Gibson has changed, or do you think he still embraces his father’s views?

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