Kate Middleton May Not Be Pleased! Prince William Verbier Ski Vacation Gets Wild| Featured Image by Jim Clarke - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton May Not Be Pleased! Prince William Verbier Ski Vacation Gets Wild

Prince William’s boys-only ski weekend has now become the fodder for British tabloids as it appears that Wills, along with his longtime pals, met up with a couple of sexy young women for an afternoon and evening of drinks and high fives. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton was presumably left at home for the weekend with Princess Charlotte and Prince George. While everyone is talking about Prince William dancing, showing off his “dad moves” on the dance floor, Kate may or may not have been stuck dealing with bridezilla sister Pippa who is reportedly obsessed with not being upstaged at her wedding by Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Megan Markle.

In addition, the press has taken this holiday–deserved or not–to once again attach the phrase “work shy” to Prince William.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge missed the all important Commonwealth ceremony at Westminster, which Kate and William attended the previous two years. What is the whole story behind this wild royal weekend and the dark aftermath that has followed?

On Friday, William had flown out to the exclusive Swiss ski resort area of Verbier with his pals Tom Van Straubenzee, Guy Pelly, and James Meade. The quartet went out for a boys ski weekend to chill, ski, and party.

And party they did!

The Sun spoke to one observer who witnessed the ski party that included the future King of England laughing with the two sexy snow bunnies that includes the very alluring, blonde Australian model Sophie Taylor and jet-setting Blackpool beautician Rosie Peate. The skier pointed out that Duchess Catherine may not be very pleased by this sight!

“If I were Kate I wouldn’t be very pleased to see my husband living it up with two stunning girls.”

Apparently fascinated to see the prince in person, the source also chronicled William’s actions. It appears that the guys skied to the exclusive Swiss restaurant, La Vache. It was there, at one of the finest restaurants in Switzerland where they met up with the attractive women. The men ate lunch and afterward, the ladies joined them for some adult libations.

“William and his pals had skied to the restaurant, while the girls came up the mountain specially to meet them. The boys ate lunch and the girls joined them for a load of drinks.”

William was quite jovial when he was chatting up Sophie. He even covered up his mouth from extreme mirth during their conversation.

“William seemed to be getting on very well with Sophie and they were giggling and laughing.”

After lunch and drinks, there was more skiing, and the guys met up with the girls at another bar.

“Once they’d finished skiing for the day, they all met up with the girls again at another bar.”

The paper reported that others at the Farinet club saw William plowing through more drinks and dancing to a rock band called Hussy. As the evening progressed, it was reported that the royal looked “worse for wear.”

It was reported by the Daily Mail that William not only hung out with Sophie, but her boyfriend Aaron Goodfellow, who described William as “very down to earth.”

At the club, William showed off his “dad dancing” moves that have also filled the internet. Perhaps Kate doesn’t need to say anything to William, as the film going around may haunt him for quite some time.

Verbier happens to be a favorite haunt of the royal family. Prince Andrew, along with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, purchased a £13 million ($15.8 million USD) ski Chalet Helora a couple of years ago. The Telegraph has reported that Fergie feels so much “positive energy” there that she has even applied for Swiss citizenship and has made Verbier her permanent residence.

Speaking of Prince Andrew, he also was in Verbier the same weekend, but he did fly back to London to attend the Commonwealth ceremony at Westminster with Prince Harry and his mother, the Queen of England. The Queen considers the Commonwealth Day as the most important date on the royal calendar. She may also have a few words to say to her grandson, perhaps after his wife has her fill?

William returned late on Monday, and not much later, the story about Verbier broke. There has not been any word on if anything has transpired between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about this matter. Any woman could imagine that Kate would not be so pleased to see the topless modeling photos of Miss Taylor interspersed with the high five photo between William and Sophie during their booze-filled lunch in the articles written about William’s wild Verbier weekend.

What are your thoughts about Prince William weekend behavior? Do you think Kate Middleton is upset or should be upset? Do you think it is ok for him to have missed the Commonwealth ceremony at Westminster? Share your thoughts below.

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