'Young Sheldon,' the 'Big Bang Theory' spinoff featuring a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, has been confirmed by CBS.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff: 5 Facts You Need To Know About ‘Young Sheldon’

With the Big Bang Theory nearing its conclusion, CBS has greenlighted a new series that is inspired by the hit comedy TV show. Dubbed Young Sheldon, the new series stars Iain Armitage, who made his name in HBO’s hit TV series Big Little Lies, where the young actor shared the screen with Hollywood A-Lister Reese Witherspoon. Armitage would be playing the 9-year-old version of Jim Parson’s iconic character, Sheldon Cooper.

Considering that Armitage would be headlining Young Sheldon, however, the adorable actor has some pretty big shoes to fill. After all, although the Big Bang Theory has not really been receiving the unanimous critical acclaim that it enjoyed during its peak, it remains as one of the most formidable comedies on television. Here then, are five notable facts about the upcoming series.

Jim Parsons Will Still Play A Huge Role

While Young Sheldon would be based on the childhood experiences and misadventures of Sheldon Cooper in his days as a child, Jim Parsons, who has played the character for 10 seasons now, would still play a significant role in the upcoming series. According to a report from The Huffington Post, Parsons would be narrating the upcoming half-hour comedy series, giving an adult, classic Sheldon-ish perspective on the events happening around his younger self.

It Will Look Very Different From ‘BBT

The Big Bang Theory follows a classic comedy format, using multiple cameras and points of views to tell its story. Young Sheldon, however, would not be following its predecessor’s format, as CBS has confirmed that the upcoming half-hour comedy series would be utilizing a single-camera format. This would give Young Sheldon a new look and feel to viewers, which fans of the long-running Big Bang Theory would most likely appreciate.

Jon Favreau Will Direct The Pilot Episode

Young Sheldon is not sparing any expense when it comes to ensuring that its pilot episode would be a hit. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the pilot episode of the upcoming comedy series would be directed by no less than A-list director Jon Favreau, who is noted for his work in blockbuster films such as Iron Man and more recently, the live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. With Favreau at the helm of Young Sheldon‘s pilot episode, CBS is all but ensuring that the series’ television debut would start on a high note.

Young Sheldon Will Be A High School Comedy

Over the course of the Big Bang Theory‘s run, Sheldon Cooper, the narcissistic, socially awkward genius has developed into arguably the show’s most iconic character. Considering that Sheldon is a child prodigy, Young Sheldon would feature the character’s 9-year-old version attending high school. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Young Sheldon would be a high school comedy, in all its awkward glory. How the young prodigy would interact with his older classmates and teachers would most likely be among the most prominent points of humor in the upcoming comedy TV series.

It is the Brainchild of ‘BBT‘ Creator Chuck Lorre

Young Sheldon, while being a spinoff of the Big Bang Theory, includes a number of veterans from the original show. Apart from Parsons, who would be narrating the series, Young Sheldon would also see the involvement of BBT creator Chuck Lorre, who would be serving as the series’ executive producer. Considering that the upcoming comedy was actually the brainchild of Lorre, there is a pretty good chance that the new comedy would be just as funny as the Big Bang Theory.

The premise of Young Sheldon has not been unanimously embraced by avid fans of the Big Bang Theory, with many expressing their apprehension about the premise of the show. Since the upcoming series’ success would rely on the acting prowess of a young boy, however, many of Young Sheldon‘s supporters had stated that the same reservations were present when Neil Patrick Harris was cast as Doogie Houser, and everyone knows how well that series performed in the long run. Thus, while going into untested waters, Young Sheldon might very well become one of the surprise hits of 2017.

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