The Bachelor star Nick Viall is engaed to Vanessa Grimaldi- for now

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Call Out Nick And Vanessa After Awkward After-Show

The Bachelor finale ended with a predictable engagement, but some fans already think the road to happily ever after will hit a dead-end for Bachelor star Nick Viall and his fiance, Vanessa Grimaldi. While Nick popped the question to the Canadian beauty with a $100,000 Neil Lane sparkler, never before has a Bachelor couple seemed so unsure of their relationship while discussing it on the live After the Final Rose after-show.

According to People, the newly engaged couple admitted they already have fears about their relationship not working out. Given Viall’s track record on the ABC reality franchise, and his impending stint on Dancing With the Stars, it’s no wonder.

Throughout the season, but most definitely on The Bachelor finale episode, Vanessa made it clear she was reluctant about accepting a proposal from Nick. She also expressed hesitation about uprooting her life in Canada to continue her relationship with The Bachelor star. Now that she has accepted his ring, Grimaldi told The Bachelor host Chris Harrison that she’s “not going to sugarcoat things — some days are tougher than others.”

The Montreal-based special education teacher admitted she had never watched a full season of The Bachelor, so she didn’t know exactly what to expect when she signed on to the show. Meanwhile, Viall, who’s already had three broken relationships on The Bachelor franchise, said he’s “a realist” when it comes to reality TV romance.

“I can fall hard,” The Bachelor star admitted. “But I’ve always been a realist and even as the Bachelor I’m a realist.”

Viall also admitted the couple has already had their struggles off-camera and that a wedding date isn’t even on the table.

“We know we have a long way to go,” The Bachelor star said. “We still are getting to know each other. That’s the reality.”

When Bachelor host Chris Harrison asked Viall, “Do you feel like you’re a team? Do you feel like she’s got your back, and vice versa?,” his one-word answer said it all.

“Absolutely,” Nick said. The Bachelor star did not elaborate and his fiance did not chime in as an awkward silence set in.

Bachelor fans took note of the fact that Nick and Vanessa’s awkward after-show doesn’t bode well for the future of their relationship. Many fans took to social media to call out the couple, including Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve, who pointed out that neither of them looked happy on what should have been one of the greatest nights of their lives, the official coming out of their relationship.

In a separate post, The Bachelor blogger wrote the following.

“I know the Nick & Vanessa crazies don’t want to believe it, but holy sh*t, be objective. Literally not one sign these two seem happy.”

Other Bachelor fans poked fun at Vanessa’s wishy-washy behavior.

Here are two other things many Bachelor fans agree on: Jilted runner-up Raven Gates may have dodged a bullet when she was dumped by Nick in Finland, and Bachelor producers segued right to the start of Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette to deflect from the fact that Nick and Vanessa are a terrible couple.

While many fans have been skeptical about Nick Viall’s intentions from the start (did he sign on to the show for the “right reasons” or was it just to extend his 15 minutes of reality TV fame?), the ABC leading man told The Hollywood Reporter that he was always hopeful that he would find love on his fourth go-around on the reality franchise.

Viall told THR he was “nervous the whole way through” on his last day of filming in Finland, but in the end, he felt “lucky” to have two wonderful women to “choose” from. Viall also made it clear that, with Dancing With the Stars waiting in the wings, he’s done with The Bachelor for good.

“I’m definitely done with the Bachelor franchise, but I’m very grateful for my time,” he said. “It’s had its ups and downs. It’s been a long journey. And I’m ready to say goodbye to it.”

Of course, skeptical Bachelor fans are already wondering if Nick will be ready to say goodbye to Vanessa in a few months.

Take a look at the video below to see the latest Bachelor couple’s most “unromantic” moments.

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