Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor Both Cheated

Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor Both Cheated

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor were both cheating on each other. The stars have been starring in the headlines, mostly due to Lewis’ cheating, but it seems that Marnie wasn’t innocent either.

Marnie hinted that she might have caused her ex, Lewis Bloor, to cheat on her due to her behavior on the show, Geordie Show. The two ended their relationship after it was revealed that Lewis had cheated on Marnie. Lewis had denied the allegations until a video surfaced showing him with another woman in bed.

He claimed that Marnie had humiliated him after she met with a gentleman and was all over him. He claimed that he could tell that the two still had feelings for each other.

Marnie believes that her behavior on the show may have embarrassed him and that she wasn’t entirely innocent. Which could mean that Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor were cheating on each other.

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Marnie Is To Blame

The 24-year-old reality star revealed in her column for Star Magazine that her actions on the show were hard for Lewis, especially when she went partying with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Chalmers, and stated that it wasn’t an excuse.

“I didn’t behave like a lady or an appropriate girlfriend when I was filming Geordie Shore, and that embarrasses him.”

Marnie said that she wasn’t perfect in the relationship either, and that may have caused some issues for Lewis.

She did explain that her behavior during her holiday trip with Lewis wasn’t as exaggerated as Lewis has put it. She said to Mirror Celebs that she has bumped into someone that she had kissed, and despite being tipsy, she wasn’t all over the guy. Adding that she may have been over-friendly, and that she would never cheat and she didn’t deserve to get cheated on.

Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor Both Cheated

Marnie is done filming the MTV show, and has been seen kissing her best friend, Chloe Ferry, and gyrating as she had fun, which caused issues with her previous boyfriend, Aaron.

Aaron had dumped Marnie for her inappropriate behavior, as she went out parting without any underwear on. Aaron didn’t take too kindly to her behavior, and it was embarrassing for him, and that she didn’t act like a girlfriend should.

Aaron appears on the show, and this, according to Marnie, may have angered or led Lewis into jealousy.

She said that it had been difficult for Lewis to see her partying with Aaron.

Marnie admitted in her column that she is still on speaking terms with Lewis, and that she hoped that therapy would help him, as he definitely needs therapy.

She said that she loves him, but she’s worried he would cheat on her again. Marnie assessed that she couldn’t ask her friends or family for advice on their relationship, as they would just judge her. The reality star says that Lewis apologized to her, but she’s really confused when it comes to where their relationship stands. Marnie claims that she knows why that there are reasons as to why Lewis cheated, and that he didn’t just go out and do it.

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Lewis Bloor Moves Forward

Lewis had denied claims that he had cheated on Marnie, but later admitted it and gave details as to what happened. He gave his side of the story and said that he simply kissed the girl and that nothing more happened. He said that he had left the room as he couldn’t sleep, and didn’t want to be in the relationship any more at the time. When he realized what had happened, he went back to their hotel room to continue with the holiday.

Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor Both Cheated

The couple had met on Celebrity Big Brother and enjoyed a series of dates before the drama in their relationship begun to unfold. Now Lewis is in therapy, as well as preparing for a big fight, but with the hint that Marnie may have done something to spark jealousy, it is clear that Marnie and Lewis were probably both cheating on each other.

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