'This Is Us' Finale: Leaked Script Gives Major Spoilers About Jack And Rebecca

‘This Is Us’ Finale: Leaked Script Gives Major Spoilers About Jack And Rebecca

A leaked script of the This Is Us season finale has hit the internet, delivering some major spoilers about the first ever meeting between Jack and Rebecca.

The show has been a mega-hit for NBC this year, and as it rolled toward Tuesday’s finale, there have been plenty of tear-jerking moments. Now spoilers from the This Is Us season finale indicate that there could be more emotions on the way for viewers, though not necessarily all bad ones.

The leaked bit of the This Is Us finale script was obtained by Entertainment Weekly, which published the page in full along with annotations from writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.

[WARNING: There are some This Is Us finale spoilers ahead.]

The scene goes all the way back to before Jack and Rebecca first met, showing Jack working as a mechanic fixing a car for a woman named Mrs. Peabody. She compliments Jack on how well-adjusted he was coming back from the Vietnam War and then decides to set him up with a girl she knows.

“I wish I had a granddaughter for you,” she laments.

“Wait a second now… I know a girl I think you’d like! My best friend’s granddaughter. Oh, Jack she’s the sweetest thing.”

One of the most shocking parts about the scene in the leaked This Is Us script will be seeing Jack with no facial hair at all, the first time viewers will see him that way. As the writers noted, they intentionally waited until the finale to reveal Jack that way.

“In the final episode of the season, we would go and see Jack in a younger age than we’ve seen him before. We knew the whole year was going to be a story about different forms of his facial hair and that the final episode of the season would reveal him clean-shaven for the first time…. It was the first time we’d seen him all year without anything on his face and it was just such a surprising shock and we thought, ‘Oh, people are going to love this.'”

Though the show’s writers and producers have been giving hints about the last episode of the season, the This Is Us finale spoilers are straying away from whether viewers will see Jack’s death or find out how Rebecca ended up with Miguel.

In fact, show creator Dan Fogelman hinted that fans may still be left with more questions after the This Is Us finale.

“It’s a very intense hour of television and I’m incredibly proud of Mandy and Milo’s performance in it,” Fogelman told The Associated Press.

“I’m excited to see people react — hate it, love it, and hopefully come back to try to find out some things.”

Mandy Moore is taking the same approach, imploring This Is Us fans to stop worrying about when Jack’s death will come and how, and instead focus on how the story is moving forward.

“I encourage people to almost forget that Jack is not here present day,” she told The Associated Press.

“I would hate for people to be sitting on pins and needles and saying, ‘Is this the episode?’ ‘Is that the episode?’ “

But it still hasn’t stopped fans from speculating, including theories about how Jack might die. One of the strangest theories claims that Rebecca actually teamed up with Miguel to have Jack killed, an idea that Moore laughed off.

“Oh my god,” she told E! News.

“No way. People are bananas. That is crazy.”

The full leaked script for the This Is Us finale can be seen here, but be warned that it’s chock full of spoilers.

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