Vanessa Grimaldi wins The Bachelor Season 21 finale.

Vanessa Wins ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 Finale: Why Raven Gates Should Be Happy

It’s final. Vanessa Grimaldi gets the final rose from Nick Viall and wins The Bachelor Season 21 finale. But, Raven has enough reasons to be happy. Her chemistry with Nick has been outstanding. But, Nick chose the “more mature” one between the two. The “forever” bachelor apparently needs somebody to calm his nerves down.

The Bachelor Season 21 finale took place in Finland. Nick Viall chose Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates as his top two choices in the show. It was all set for a nervous finale when Nick would give the final rose to either of these two.

Vanessa Grimaldi wins The Bachelor Season 21 finale.
Vanessa Grimaldi wins The Bachelor Season 21 finale. [Image by Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/MediaPunch/IPx/AP Photos]

Earlier, Nick and Vanessa went inside a small cabin in the woods on the Arctic circle. They met the owner of the cabin, none other than Santa Claus. As Santa invited the two to get cozy while sitting by the fire, it seemed like he was on Team Vanessa. He also gave a surprise gift to her before the two left.

Next on The Bachelor Season 21 finale, Nick discusses his relationship with Vanessa. While Vanessa talks about Nick’s family and how much she loved meeting all of them, Nick says he is going to give the final rose to the woman he has the stronger bond with. Vanessa instantly starts doubting the depth of their relation and seems upset. She is bothered because Nick has a strong connection with Raven. She won’t like it, if Nick chooses her simply because he feels a little more for Vanessa.

Raven, on the other hand, was the fans’ favorite, even though many doubted if Nick would choose her. In the finale episode, she gets to spend time with Nick’s family. She met his family earlier as well, so there is no formal introduction. Raven finds a fan in Nick’s family as well. It’s his little sister Bella, who went skating with her already. Raven sits down with Nick’s parents and discusses her potential future with her man. She tells Nick’s father that she meant it when she said that she loved him.

Nick Viall gave the final rose to Vanessa Grimaldi, not Raven Gates.
Nick Viall gave the final rose to Vanessa Grimaldi, not Raven Gates. [Image by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

But, it is Vanessa Grimaldi, and not Raven Gates, whom Nick chooses to give the final rose to. Vanessa thanks him for taking one more “chance on love.” Nick tells her how much he has fallen in love with her.

“I’ve been falling more and more in love with you and there have been plenty of times I’ve been trying to fight it and I don’t want to fight it anymore cause I do love you, I’m in love with you, I’m glad I don’t have to try and not say it,” The ABC quoted Viall as telling Vanessa.

So much about me being here has to do with the past, but when I look at you, all I see is my future.

Now, Raven’s fans are upset because Nick has not choses her. But, if you have a different perspective about it, it is actually good for the girl. If Raven spoke the truth about having her first orgasm with Nick Viall, wouldn’t it be sad if she has to spend the rest of her life with him? She is just 25, and there are many more men waiting for her in line. Remember it took Nick Viall four seasons to finally find his “love.” During the process, he got intimate with many of them. Even before he joined The Bachelor, he was reportedly the one who chased girls. Doesn’t Raven deserve many other options before she chooses whom she wants to spend her life with?

Even though Raven does not win The Bachelor Season 21 finale, she has won millions of hearts. Nick Viall might have been great for her. But, for her, this is just the beginning of a journey to find love.

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