Jana Duggar Is Waiting For 'Prince Charming' As She Plays 'Cinderella Duggar'

Jana Duggar Is Waiting For ‘Prince Charming’ As She Plays ‘Cinderella Duggar’

Jana Duggar is the oldest female sibling in the family. She has helped her mother raise all of the younger siblings and carries the brunt of the chores around the Duggar home. From baking for the extravagant holidays to diaper duty with the younger siblings, Jana has been doing it all for almost two decades. As her younger sisters all marry off and begin families of their own, she remains at the homestead helping her parents.

Just this past January, Jana and John-David Duggar turned 27. They were the first set of twins born in the Duggar family and both remain single, never entering into a courtship. Because the family is incredibly private when they aren’t filming for Counting On, getting interviews with the children is nearly impossible. After years of rumors and insinuations, Jana Duggar has finally talked about her love life. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jana Duggar is still waiting for her “prince charming” to come along and sweep her off her feet. She has confirmed in the past that there have been courtship offers, but none of the men asking piqued her interest.

Jana making some delicious homemade bread for Christmas day! It’s a family favorite. 🙂

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With all of the Duggar daughters getting married in sequence, Jana Duggar has drawn a lot of attention because she remains single. She did admit that it was hard at times, but she focuses on Jesus and when she is feeling down, she attempts to bless someone or serve in a way that will be appreciated. Duggar is very much a serving person, always helping others before herself. Because she remains such a huge help to her parents, there has been speculation that Jim Bob Duggar has turned away a few possible suitors. This has not been proven and no one has come forward to admit they attempted to court Jana, so fans believe the allegations are untrue.

Filming for Counting On has focused on the other Duggar children and left Jana Duggar in the dust. She and her brother, John-David help keep an eye on their siblings who are courting, taking turns attending dates with them. Right now, two siblings are in relationships. Joy-Anna is officially engaged to Austin Forsyth and Joseph Duggar is dating Kendra Caldwell. There has been talk about another Duggar boy potentially courting another Caldwell, though that has not yet been confirmed by the Duggar family. Jana is in a league of her own with being single, especially since the next Duggar daughter is not even a teenager yet.

Our first set of twins. Love, love, love these two.

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Fans are hoping that Jana Duggar will be able to find someone she is interested in getting to know soon. She is always doing something around the Duggar compound, which has some people concerned about how free she is to leave if and when she does find someone. Without Jana around, Michelle will have to reign over the household duties, something she has not done in several years. The family has delegated chores among the siblings, but with three of the older girls gone and one ready to leave the nest, there isn’t much choice when it comes to the designated chores for women only.

There is a lot expected to happen on the upcoming season of Counting On, including a wedding and possible baby announcement. Jana Duggar has helped her sisters prepare to get married and she will likely help Joy-Anna Duggar as well. There is a lot happening in the Duggar family and right now, Jana remains in the background, helping everything run smooth. Being known as “Cinderella Duggar” hasn’t bothered Jana as much as it would most, but as she gets older, it gets harder to wait for the one that she knows is coming.

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