Madonna Goes Topless To Promote Her New Fragrance

Madonna went topless to promote her new fragrance Truth or Dare Naked. The perfume is exclusively offered at Macy’s and is already available at stores nationwide. The 54-year-old performer posed topless in a sexy manner for the black and white advertisement.

The Truth or Dare Naked photo shoot captured Madonna’s “confidence and boldness” and completed her “exposure to the world,” according to Just Jared. The incredibly fit middle-aged woman has been an inspiration for others who are determined to keep their sexiness and femininity long past the age of 35.

Madonna’s fitness trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, had this to say about the singer’s exercise routine during an interview with Access Hollywood:

“On show day, we train lightly before sound check. We stretch the muscles, prepare the body, and get the blood circulating to prepare for the big day. Madonna is always in heels for show, so we take advantage of the time we have in sneakers to fully warm up the body.”

When on stage, the superstar singer typically performs a two-hour nonstop dance routine during each show. Winhoffer is a trained dancer and has often performed on Broadway. Madonna chose Nicole to be here private trainer for her worldwide earlier this year. When she isn’t consumed with helping the “Material Girl” keep her healthy and youthful physique, Winhoffer serves as the creative director of the singer’s “Addicted to Sweat” program at Hard Candy Fitness.

While jetting around the world to sing for the masses, Winhoffer utilizes some of the Addicted to Sweat moves to keep both herself and the singer in top shape. Chair hops, triple angle butt shapers, and an open arm arch are among the hotel room friendly exercises which keep Madonna’s figure the envy of many women half her age.