Tony Romo trade rumors Cowboys move impacted by Patriots

Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys’ Move With Romo Being Impacted By Patriots?

Even though Tony Romo trade rumors seemed to die out over the past few days, the fact remains that the Dallas Cowboys could still trade Romo. As of right now, the veteran quarterback is still attached to their roster, almost as a “just in case” type scenario. While releasing Romo seems to be the nice thing to do for Tony, it may not necessarily be the best thing to do for a guy like Jerry Jones. Recent rumors involving the New England Patriots could be playing a major part in why Tony Romo is still officially a member of the Dallas Cowboys right now.

On Monday’s episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, special guest Sam Farmer of the LA Times stopped by to discuss the latest NFL news and rumors. That included talk about Tony Romo and why the longtime quarterback remains with the Cowboys after all the talk of trades and releases. As Farmer mentions, originally everyone thought Romo would be released, but clearly, Jerry Jones thought “can we get some value out of this?” That caused the trade rumors to resurface as Dallas was trying to play two teams against one another since both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are interested parties.

Dak Prescott and Tony Romo on Dallas sidelines
Tony Romo is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys despite Dak Prescott being the clear starter. [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Farmer and Cowherd also agreed that the best option for Romo is to go to the Houston Texans based on the team having a better running game, better defense, and it wouldn’t be a huge move in terms of location for him. It’s mentioned that Houston cleared room for Romo with their recent trade move, sending Brock Osweiler away. However, Farmer said he doesn’t rule out Denver since Romo loves John Elway.

Sam Farmer believes that something will end up being done as far as Romo being released or traded in the coming week. As the Denver Post reported, John Elway isn’t too concerned about the quarterback situation for his Broncos team right now.

“The Tony thing, I will just tell you this: There have been a lot of things out there that just aren’t true as far as what’s going on with our quarterbacks. That’s what happens. Everything gets frothed up there. So we just continue to go down our plan and continue to stay open. When things come available, we look at them at that point in time.”

The interesting take brought up by Colin Cowherd is that it could be the New England Patriots’ situation causing Jerry Jones to hang on to Tony Romo. Colin says that he believes the Jimmy Garoppolo Instagram post where the Pats’ backup QB is saying goodbye to New England was something New England set up to manipulate the market. He mentions that Jerry Jones will look foolish if they just “give away Romo.” It’s mentioned that Jones probably wants to pull off a “mastermind” deal rather than seeing Robert Kraft and the Patriots get all the glory for making a big move with Garoppolo.

New England Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors for Instagram post
Could the recent Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors be playing a part in the Cowboys’ holding onto Romo? [Image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]

It has been speculated that New England could end up trading Jimmy Garoppolo away for a good number of future draft picks to help improve their future chances. So in that situation, the team would come away looking like major winners after just having won a Super Bowl. The Patriots have already made several big moves during free agency including a trade to bring Brandin Cooks over from the New Orleans Saints, and signing former Indianapolis Colts player Dwayne Allen.

As for the Dallas Cowboys, they still have Tony Romo on the roster, but it’s not like he’s costing them money or they need to move him right away. The team is still hoping for the possibility that one of the two interested teams might finally decide to pull the trigger on a trade for Romo. That way Jerry Jones doesn’t come away looking like a fool for missing out on getting something in return for the valuable quarterback still attached to his roster. Still, the team may have shown their hand too early and it could be time to literally cut their losses.

Football fans, should Dallas hold onto Tony Romo and still try to force a trade, or is it too late for that now after all the news he was going to be cut? Will Tony end up as a member of the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos when this is all said and done?

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