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Several ‘Little Women: LA’ Stars Plagued This Season With Serious Health Issues

Since the new season of Little Women: LA began, viewers have noticed that several of the women have been experiencing a myriad of health issues. Terra Jole ended up with two hernias during her Dancing with the Stars stint, and before that she had an issue with blood leaking from one breast. The very busy mother of two made history when she became the first little person to compete on Dancing with the Stars last season.

Now that she is back for Season 6 of Little Women: LA, she blogged about the first few episodes of the series exclusively for People, sharing a little about what it was like after the elimination and finally being able to come home and rest.

“I don’t want to dwell on my Dancing with the Stars elimination too much. I feel like the episode gives you a complete understanding of how I was feeling. It was so hard to face cameras coming home. All I wanted to do was put my head on my pillow and sleep for a week! I’m just glad that I can now focus on my health and my family. My husband helped me out this entire run and now it’s my turn to help him out.”

Viewers of Little Women: LA may have noticed if they watched Terra perform on DWTS that something was going on with Terra’s close friend, Tonya Banks. She was seen sporting an eye patch and her mouth didn’t look normal. Banks had Bell’s Palsy, which appears as a weakness of the muscles usually affecting one side of the face. Symptoms often appear suddenly and without warning, and in most cases Bell’s Palsy is the result of a viral infection. Within three to six months most cases resolve, and Tonya already appears to be recovering just two episodes into the new season of Little Women: LA.

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Christy Gibel has had a lot of problems, both personal and physical, over the previous season of Little Women: LA. She needed neck surgery to replace two damaged disks, and during the latest episode of Little Women: LA, Tonya informed some of the women that Christy had the surgery and things didn’t go well. This occurred last November, and during the high-risk surgery she suffered a mini-stroke. She is still dealing with the aftermath, and fans have noticed the difference in her voice, which is due to the stroke. She told Radar Online that she expected to have a quick recovery, but unforeseen complications have made it difficult. She now goes to several therapists in order to relearn basic life skills, and has remarked that the pain was the worst she had ever felt.

“I am not the same, and may never be,” the Lifetime star revealed. “Every day is an uphill battle to do things in my life that I took for granted, like speaking.”

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Brianna Renee had serious complications during her pregnancy with son, Maverick, and she seems to be recovering well physically. She shared during the previous episode of Little Women: LA that she was feeling emotionally fragile, and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge suggested that she could be experiencing postpartum depression. She shared her story with Brianna on how it affected her after the birth of her first son, Mason, and the steps she took to feel better.

On the next episode of Little Women: LA titled “Things Fall Apart,” Brianna is worried that she may indeed have postpartum depression. How she deals with this issue remains to be seen, and hopefully she will have a talk with her doctor sooner rather than later. Brianna has expressed the desire to return to dancing, and suffering from depression could make that a difficult goal to achieve. She recently discussed in an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly her concerns.

“When I had Leiana, I bounced back no problem. After having Maverick, something is very different — and I’m starting to think I need some help,” she said. “I know some women go through postpartum depression and I’m starting to think that’s what I’m going through right now. Because something is just not right.”

Will all the health issues most of the Little Women: LA stars are dealing with, hopefully they can find a way to put aside their issues with one another long enough to pull together and support one another this season. In the end, all any of them want is to know that their friends care about them. Whether they can tone down the drama and be there for each other remains to be seen — after all, this is Little Women: LA. Although these women may be small in stature, each one of them has big goals, big dreams, and big personalities, so almost anything can happen.

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