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Number Eight NYC Serial Killer Now Hunted By FBI [Video]

Number Eight NYC Serial Killer Now Hunted By FBI

Brooklyn, NY – The NYC serial killer is apparently hunting down Middle Eastern men in Brooklyn shops whose addresses include the number “eight.” The NYC serial killer struck at the She She Boutique in Flatbush on Friday night, Bensonhurst on August 1 and Bay Ridge on July 6. The murder of three men in the Brooklyn, New York area were all committed with the same gun and bear other striking resemblances.

Investigators discovered after ballistics testing of .22-caliber gun shell casings found at the scene that the gun used in the Friday shooting matches the same one used in the two prior killings. The NYC serial killer made an attempt to partially obscure the bodies by clothing or, in one case, a box.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the New York Police Department believes the suspected NYC serial killer could be targeting Middle Eastern shop owners. All of the victims were also at least 59-years-old and were working alone, and the shops lacked surveillance cameras. The New York Police Department has yet to officially comment on the suspected NYC serial killer, but an unnamed source in the NYPD say they are looking at the number eight angle but are not any closer to finding the NYC serial killer because of it.

According to ABC, the FBI is now involved in the search for the number eight NYC serial killer. So far, there are no suspects. But detectives desire to question a man they are calling “John Doe Duffel Bag” who was spotted by surveillance cameras near the most recent incident at She She Boutique.

The FBI is working to put together a profile of the possible number eight NYC serial killer. Authorities are now offering a reward of up to $40,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the three homicides of the Middle Eastern men. Anyone with information about them may call the Crime Stoppers hotline in confidence at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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51 Responses to “Number Eight NYC Serial Killer Now Hunted By FBI [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    He probably lost a loved one in 9/11. Sad how the mind is affected by tragedy or?

  2. Susan Hamilton

    A serial killer in NYC? Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack. Look how long it took Boston to figure out who the Boston Strangler was and even then it was because he, like most serial killers, made a mistake.

  3. Anonymous

    WHY is the photo shown of a black man, obviously, when the FBI says they have no leads. This kind of taints the pool!

  4. Anonymous

    A lost loved one might make someone go out and seek revenge. A serial killer is a sociopath who is a long time in the making. Besides, a whole lot of people lost a loved one in 9/11 and don't around killing people.

  5. Aicha Kebe

    that's so ignorant. YOU'RE ignorant. so since they're muslim, they're terrorists? actually, since they're middle eastern, that makes them muslim? wow. i'm muslim and west african and if you ask me, people like YOU are the terrorists. people like you who make me lose faith in humanity. innocent people are being targeted and killed and you're stuck in your narrow mind making stupid, ignorant, baseless judgments. what if the deranged killer mistook you for a middle eastern man and decided to kill you? should we still egg him on to "keep killing those muslim terrorist?" good Lord. and you're in college? seriously? i feel so sorry for you, i dont even know what to tell you. if you ever want to leave your state of ignorance and actually learn something about other cultures, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, let me know. may God instill some kind of brightness into this narrow mind of yours. good day.

  6. Shawn Jahner

    The police sketch is a black man but the surviellence is a white guy?

  7. Billie Williams

    Ignorance is bliss for some people. This man is a monster. How is he deemed a hero? Being muslim or middle eastern doesn't make you a terrorist.. There are lots of caucasion people of different faiths who are monsters. Look in the mirror before you judge others.

  8. Adam Mcgraw

    look what they do in gaza, use children as human shields and cry foul, they hate and want to kill everyone. we outta nuke the terrorists to hell. all muslims suck

  9. Arman Levon Grigoryan

    Adam Mcdoodle…. im born and raised in los angeles but im middle eastern. Maybe if you have no idea what you're talking about, you should keep your racist comments to yourself. Not every middle eastern is Muslim or a terrorist. Thats ridiculous how a a 28 year old man can say such a thing.. You're brain size is tinier than your dogs.

  10. Christina Michelle

    Adam Mcgraw you are a pathetic scumbag of a human being to encourage a serial killer to kill innocent people with mothers, daughters, grandchildren at home waiting for them to return after a 12 hour day of work. Did you know that a lot of the muslims that immigrated here are because they helped the CIA to fight militant islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and they were looking for asylum here? That they wanted the American way of life, and they moved here to escape people like you- who are bigoted, narrow minded and cruel. Did you know that we have something called Freedom of Religion here? I've known many muslims in my life who were gentle, god loving, wonderful people and just want to be left alone to live simple lives with their families. What would you do if someone were to walk into your fathers business and gun him down? How you feel if there was some jackass on facebook celebrating it? You should really educate yourself before you go on spouting stupid shit. Children as human shields is complete bullshit. How do you know what they believe? When is the last time you have spoken with a muslim? Obviously never.

  11. Anonymous

    ignorant people like you should seriously consider going back to school for education.

  12. Anonymous

    Arman Levon Grigoryan
    i was born and raised here. i am an american. why are you here if you are a middle eastern?

  13. Anonymous

    Aicha Kebe
    if you find this country to be a problem, then why are you here?

  14. Joshua Aguilar

    Wait…so you are a Muslim and are not a terrorist? Incredible.

  15. Joshua Aguilar

    Education doesn't cure prejudice. That's an ignorant comment in itself. Irony?

  16. Anonymous

    nice theories but actually two of the three were jewish middle easterners.

  17. Adam Mcgraw

    they degrade their women, and we will not forget 9-11. i will retaliate to your attack not like the gracious serial killer whom most likely lost his family to your bullshit, i will start shit with a a-rab at one of your terror fund stores and if he goes out the door i will stomp him. we will always hate you scum for your cowardly ways. fuck islam, and i will say it in yor coward, child shielding woman disgracing fuck faces

  18. Adam Mcgraw

    so josh, are you confused? looks like to me you think you are black?? im white as bread and i have a few friends that are black, they dont act like thugs, grow up son

  19. Adam Mcgraw

    aicha, well u idiot, you spell your muslim names like women, yet you degrade them, and use them and our own kids to protect yourself from isreali defense. no wonder you are so vulger and full of hate. you, as well as your fucked up people cant win a fair fight. u attack then cry foul when ou put our babied in harms way. fuckin dispicable, in america we would take the bullet for our own

  20. Jason Kalfian

    John Nelson: Typical comment by a ignorant uneducated doufus from TX. That fish your holding has probably more intelligence than you.

  21. Dorothy Autumn Belony

    Tomas Kinoshta no …thats not a "christian" at all. what happen to "I desire mercy. not sacrifice" and "who ever have not sin, cast the first stone" in john 7. "christians" like u arent real christians, u just taint the name and make people hate us more. Im a christian and i know to be one u have to think like Christ and idt Jesus would agree with ignorance.

  22. Patrick Frye

    According to Fox News that early facial composite sketch was created by the NYPD following the second murder on August 2. I haven't been able to find any information on why the NYPD believes the serial killer may look like this.

  23. Aicha Kebe

    at what point did i say this country was a problem? it's people this original commenter that's a problem. and unfortunately they exist all over the world. and if you must know, although it's none of your business, i left the US almost a year ago after living there my entire life. i don't know what point you're trying to make with your question. i don't know if you think you're getting an upper-hand by asking me why i was here or if you're just plain curious, but i will just tell you now– don't talk so confidently about things which you know nothing about.

  24. Aicha Kebe

    Barbie Pryor
    Thank you! I know it kind of made me seem like a jerk, but I really am a nice person, haha. I just have a hard time tolerating ignorance. God bless you too, Barbie!

  25. Abdiel Galindo

    I guess the cops surmised that what he was doing was very black of him…

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