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April The Giraffe Labor Signs Update With Videos And Photos, Watch Live Cam

On March 13, 2017, at 12:45 p.m. ET, the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) announced there were significant changes in April the giraffe. The update stated that the changes were significant enough to warrant a visit from the veterinarian. At this point, the AAP is not stating that April is in active labor, but will continue to provide updates throughout the night. April is beginning to produce milk which is a sign that labor can begin, however, there is no exact due date. April the giraffe is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe whose pregnancy and subsequent birth is being live streamed by the Animal Adventure Park, located in Harpursville, New York. The live stream began in January, but it didn’t go viral until the middle of February. Since April has become an Internet sensation, tens of thousands of viewers have been glued to the live giraffe cam at any time day or night. You may watch the live giraffe cam below.

Here is a quote from the update followed by the full post. As well as an AAP video update.

Animal Adventure Park: April the Giraffe Labor Update

“To curb the significant public inquiry

Approx 12:45 pm EST today staff began noting and documenting significant changes.

The vet was called and has been on site since. Another visit will be made in a few hours.

Staff is taking precautions, with many members remaining onsite this evening through the blizzard.

Rest assured, we will keep the world posted on any further developments.

We cannot confirm active labor at this time.”

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

You may watch the live giraffe cam in the video playlist below. It isn’t uncommon for the Animal Adventure Park live feed to go down. If it does, the new YouTube stream will be added to the video playlist. When April is in active labor, the Animal Adventure Park will stream a second, live feed on Facebook. At this point, there is only one official live stream to watch, and it is the YouTube feed in the playlist. You will find other important videos in the playlist as well.

Dr. Tim Visits April the Giraffe After Significant Changes: Is it Labor?

The new update has caused a wave of viewers to tune into the live giraffe cam, and many are afraid to turn away for fear they will miss something. The veterinarian Dr. Tim will be in a second time today to examine April the giraffe for labor signs and symptoms. You may watch the video of Dr. Tim examining April the giraffe in the following video. Dr. Tim examines April at least once per day and many times several times per day.

Before Dr. Tim came to visit, Corey examined April. You may see the video footage of staff checking on April’s physical condition before notifying Dr. Tim of changes in the player below. The excitement has caused many to ask if April the giraffe is finally going to have her calf. Interest in the live giraffe cam has significantly picked up since the AAP announcement.

Animal Adventure Park Staff Examine April the Giraffe, Call Veterinarian Dr. Tim

April the Giraffe Morning Update March 13, 2017

The Animal Adventure Park began the morning with their scheduled update and announced they weren’t starting the week with a newborn giraffe calf. Included in the morning update was a photo of April when she first arrived at the AAP. You may read a quote from the update and view the photo of April below.

“3/13 Morning Update

We start another week without a calf! There is no question that April is looking larger than ever. Morning keeper check reports active kicking and noticeable growth/drop in belly.

Significant snow storm heading our way early tomorrow morning. The team is preparing accordingly – as we do – with any weather activity of concern.

Quick reminder that emails are less and less likely to be seen and responded to at this time due to volume. Questions are best asked in comments on our posts – for us to address in our weekly video update.”

April the Giraffe Labor Signs, Symptoms and Due Date

April the Giraffe Morning Update Sunday, March 12, 2017

On Sunday morning, March 12, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared new photos of April the giraffe’s underbelly with udders. The photos showed the wax caps that are present and the AAP stated they believe her udders have more content inside. Giraffes shed the wax caps, and their udders fill before birth. Checking April’s udders is an important sign used to gauge the onset of labor. You may read a quote from the update as well as see the photo of April’s udders below.

“3/12 Morning Update

April and Oliver remain inside during our horrendous cold spell.

April continues to be in great condition. Today, we have posted the shot from underneath, to show you our keeper’s perspective. Wax caps are present and udder appears to possibly have more content – another few days of comparative photo will confirm changes.
Giraffes do not “bag out” like cows, goats, pigs, or other animals in lactation. It is a very subtle fill and development.

Significant baby/belly movement this early morning (3-4am) and again around 7 am.

We return to Superchats this evening on our YouTube Page from 8-9 PM
With Keepers and Staff!”

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you the latest April the giraffe’s news and updates regarding the possible onset of labor. Dr. Tim is scheduled for another visit tonight, and the AAP will post their evening update. Do you hope April the giraffe is in labor? Are you watching the live giraffe cam?

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