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Anna Duggar 2017: Josh Duggar Divorce Rumors Return After Wife’s Instagram Like

Anna Duggar is laying low in 2017. Josh Duggar’s wife hasn’t posted anything on Instagram in over 55 weeks, but her recent activity on the social networking site has some people wondering if she’s okay. According to the International Business Times, Anna Duggar was poking around on Instagram and she “liked” a post of an interesting quote — one that may or may not be very telling when it comes to her life.

“The wife of the disgraced son of the Duggars liked a quote shared by her friend @masiespace on Instagram that reads: ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ The mother of four is rumoured to be struggling to get back to a normal life after the shocking revelations about her husband.”

Anna Duggar has managed to keep herself away from the mainstream media and out of the spotlight since her husband went to rehab for sex addiction. While it seems obvious that Anna is focusing on her family and has purposely spent less time on social media during some of the most challenging times of her life, some wonder if there’s even more to it.

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Josh Duggar divorce rumors have been pretty consistent over the past year. It seems as though the quieter Josh and Anna are, the more intense these rumors get. However, sources close to the Duggar family have said that the two worked things out and that they were dedicated to making their marriage work.

“The couple’s lives fell apart after Josh’s alleged cheating and porn addiction came out in the open. It was also revealed that he had confessed to having molested his sisters when they were children. The former 19 Kids And Counting star entered rehab to deal with his past and this ignited speculations that Josh and Anna may split.”

Less than one year ago, Josh and Anna Duggar released a statement saying that they had been working on their marriage and they admitted that it hasn’t been an easy go. The long healing process has made many people wonder if Anna has made the right decision and if staying with Josh and working on their relationship was the best thing for her and the couple’s children.

There haven’t been any official updates from Josh or Anna since May 2016.

Now, fans are really thinking about the significance of Anna’s recent Instagram activity. Could that quote about the sadness that comes with comparing oneself to someone else be something that Anna has been struggling with? Fans certainly seem to think so.

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“I think this comparison comment or like was referring to her insecurities now that he cheated she probably feels not good enough, feels like he is comparing her to others and/or she is also comparing herself to others and being hard on herself this can rob you of your joy. Our own insecurities will torture us if we let them. I suspect she is going through this,” said one fan.

As time goes by, it seems less likely that Anna Duggar will file for divorce. However, one move on Instagram has made everyone start talking again.

What do you make of Anna Duggar’s Instagram “return”? Do you think that she liked that particular quote because she could relate or do you think it was more general and not specific to anything that Anna has been going through? Do you think that Josh and Anna Duggar will be able to save their marriage? Let us know in the comments section below.

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