This is Us finale will be a game changer

‘This Is Us’ Finale Spoilers: ‘Moonshadow’ Episode Will Change The Show Forever

This Is Us fans are about to take in the final moments of the NBC drama’s first season, and it will include the backstory of Jack and Rebecca (Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore) before they were Jack and Rebecca. The This Is Us finale will take viewers way back to 1972 when the future couple first met on a blind date, courtesy of a matchmaking Chevelle owner named Mrs. Peabody (played by Debra Mooney) who wants to repay Jack for fixing her car.

“You see them in their much younger years as they’re figuring out what kind of lives they want for themselves,” This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly of the Pearson parents.

EW also posted a sneak peek page from the script to the This Is Us finale episode, “Moonshadow.” In the episode, Jack is 28 years old and is seen clean-shaven for the first time. It is also revealed that in 1972 Jack has recently returned from Vietnam and is working as a mechanic while living at home with his parents. Meanwhile, Rebecca is pursuing a music career that hasn’t taken off, while all of her girlfriends are already married.

But here’s the life-changing line, taken straight from the This Is Us finale script:

Mrs. Peabody: “I wish I had a granddaughter for you…Wait a second now… I know a girl I think you’d like! My best friend’s granddaughter. Oh, Jack, she’s the sweetest thing. What are you doing next Friday night?”

While Jack is reluctant to be set up, the matchmaker describes his date as “a total knockout.”

Fogelman told the Hollywood Reporter that the This Is Us finale is a standalone episode that will not only delve deep into Jack and Rebecca’s past but will also pick up on last week’s final scene in which a drunk Jack began a two-hour drive to his wife’s show in Cleveland.

“It’s really a Jack and Rebecca episode with a lot of weight to it,” the This Is Us showrunner said.

“It’s going to live in very special territory along with some of the other stuff we’ve done. It’s a cool, interesting, scary episode of television. Scary in terms of really watching a couple that we all love go through some stuff.”

Fogelman predicted that tears would be shed during the “heavy” This Is Us episode, while Ventimiglia warned fans that they should prepare for an unsettling scene.

“Get ready. It’s a rocky ride at the end,” the This Is Us star told THR.

Several This Is Us cast members have described “Moonshadow” with words like “heavy,” “scary,” and “dangerous.” And according to Refinery 29, Canadian This Is Us fans have seen a very different promo for the finale episode than U.S. viewers have.

While the U.S. promo flashes back to the couple’s wedding day and early love story, Refinery 29 reports that a CTV promo reveals that Rebecca’s bandmate Ben (Sam Trammel) tries to kiss her and that Jack will get into a brawl with him. If Jack’s drunkenness isn’t enough to turn Rebecca off, the fact that he gets physically violent with her ex just might be. This Is Us fans may recall that Jack also got into a bar fight in the episode “The Game Plan” when the couple went to local bar Froggy’s to watch the Super Bowl. Indeed, Jack’s temper could be what does the couple in.

Ventimiglia told EW there are two key scenes in the This Is Us finale that will “change the game of what the show is.”

“They’re two incredibly impactful moments — one’s seeking conflict, and one’s seeking resolution.” Milo teased.

“It’s definitely heartbreaking, but it has the Fogelman wink and a smile that will keep you thinking about what just happened. That’s been always the best part about – you can call them cliffhangers — with our show…This one feels like it could potentially be a little more reflective. But I don’t think it diminishes the capacity of it in any way.”

Take a look at the video below to see the U.S. promo for the This Is Us Season 1 finale.

The This Is Us finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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