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James Kennedy Music: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Reaching Out To Stars For Opportunities?

James Kennedy has been on Vanderpump Rules for a few seasons, and perhaps he’s realizing that drama doesn’t always pay the bills. He has been on the show for a few seasons and has often been the subject of drama, especially in relation to the girls he’s dating and how he’s treating his co-stars.

Kennedy enjoyed working at SUR alongside his Vanderpump Rules co-stars because Lisa Vanderpump kept giving him new opportunities to perfect his craft. But after getting drunk on the job, Lisa eventually fired him and he had to look for DJ opportunities elsewhere. Now he’s learning just how tough it is to make it as a DJ, and he’s reaching out to other stars for some opportunities.

According to a new tweet, James Kennedy decided to reach out to a famous DJ to let him know that he has been working on similar music and they should collaborate. Maybe this is James’ way of landing new gigs and perhaps get a guest role on a track.

“Just wrote a very chill hip hop song, very proud of taking this direction, edm will always have a place in my [heart] but this is my next level,” Oscar Wylde, a popular producer and DJ, wrote on Twitter.

Got it, I got my next move???? . . . James Kennedy – Topman feat. @blkelviz out now. Link in bio???? Photographer: @logannoh

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“Bro, we working together or what?! Haha this is all I’ve been creating,” James Kennedy replied to Wylde, who didn’t acknowledge James’ tweet.

These days, James is only a partial on the show. It’s no secret that he has been feuding with his co-stars over the past season because they simply don’t like him. While Tom Sandoval has been somewhat open to a friendship with him, James tends to say and do stupid things while he’s drunk. And drinking appears to be his weakness. This season alone, fans have watched him get fired from his job with Lisa Vanderpump and has been caught cheating on his girlfriend due to his drinking.

Many viewers feel that he’s too immature to handle the fame. He has been too self-absorbed on Vanderpump Rules and acted as if he’s already making millions from his music. And yet, he’s reaching out to other producers in hopes of getting a collaboration. Maybe he should stop drinking and focus on the opportunities he’s given rather than create drama for Vanderpump Rules. As Lisa proved when she fired him, the drama will only pay the bills for so long. When he doesn’t have a job at SUR, it’s limited as to how much he films for the show, as he isn’t friends with most of the stars of the show.

Woke up in a party bus ???? barrel tasting part 2 today! @raquelleviss

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While working at SUR, James Kennedy released a CD that was inspired by his work at SUR. He used SUR and PUMP as part of the marketing and hinted that the music was the same music he was playing when he was working at the restaurants. It’s a clear connection to the popular reality show.

And while James may be proud of the music, he hasn’t done too much when it comes to marketing the music. While he has shared the CD on social media, he hasn’t actively promoted it. And this could be his downfall. He isn’t marketing himself or what he has available to the public. Some of his co-stars, like Kristen Doute who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend, is constantly linking to articles on her veggie-inspired blog and her T-shirt line. And Stassi Schroeder is always talking about her podcast.

What do you think of James Kennedy’s decision to reach out to a famous producer and DJ with the goal of doing a collaboration? Do you think someone should give him a chance, or do you think he needs to use the platform he has available to get more attention and sell more music?

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