Vanessa Grimaldi: Rumored 'Bachelor' Winner Already Broken Up With Nick Viall?

Vanessa Grimaldi: Is The Rumored ‘Bachelor’ Winner Still With Nick Viall?

Vanessa Grimaldi is the rumored winner of The Bachelor 2017, but the woman who stole Nick Viall’s heart might not be wearing his ring for long.

Even before the final rose is given out, there are already rumors floating around of a Bachelor break-up in the works, one that could leave fans of the show with no couple to follow along through marriage.

Warning: There are potential Bachelor 2017 spoilers ahead.

Although Monday’s finale of The Bachelor had yet to put a final point on it, there were rumors floating around the internet for months that Vanessa Grimaldi would be Nick’s final pick. Vanessa was identified as the winner by insider Reality Steve, the blogger who has named the correct winner of all but one season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. Other reports have pegged Vanessa as the last one standing in the competition to marry Nick Viall.

But beyond the Final Rose ceremony, the question of whether Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are still together gets incredibly murky. Reality Steve noted that Nick never had any real intentions to get married, and instead was hoping that his appearance on the show — the third time he’s been a contestant — would catapult him to fame. Reality Steve noted that Nick was planning to live in Los Angeles, taking acting classes and trying to further his career in show business.

There are also reports emerging this week that Nick Viall regrets picking Vanessa Grimaldi and that he really believes he was meant to be with this season’s runner-up, Raven Gates.

“It’s only been four months since he proposed to the winner of this season of The Bachelor, but show sources are revealing that there’s already a major Nick Viall breakup bombshell brewing,” OK! Magazine reported.

Another source claimed that Nick is in a panic after picking Vanessa and wants to find a way to take it back.

“Nick knows he made a huge mistake proposing to the winner and is panicking. The runner-up is the woman he truly loves,” an insider reportedly told In Touch.

There is apparently some concern from Nick’s side as well. As viewers saw in the lead-up to the Bachelor finale, Nick’s dad had some concerns about Vanessa’s true intentions.

“I really could feel her emotion, but it was a little bit of fear that she could hurt Nick,” Chris said (via Just Jared).

Others have noted that Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall may already be broken up. On the show, both Nick and Vanessa seemed hesitant about the idea of leaving their hometowns to move in together, and some sleuthing Bachelor fans found that they still appear to be living apart.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry noted, Nick is living in Los Angeles — just as Reality Steve predicted — while Vanessa remains in Canada.

“Plus, many fans can’t help but notice that Nick is currently in Los Angeles while Vanessa is still in Montreal. Shouldn’t Vanessa be in L.A. by now? After all, Nick is currently training for the upcoming season of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Yet many fans couldn’t help but notice that according to Vanessa’s social media accounts, she’s still in Canada.”

If the Bachelor spoilers are true and Nick Viall ends up breaking up with Vanessa Grimaldi, it may not happen for at least a few weeks. The OK! Magazine report noted that Nick is intent on “playing the part” as a happy couple as they make the interview circuit.

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