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Congratulations MAMAMOO On Your 1000-Day Anniversary Since Debut!

Back in 2014, Rainbow Bridge World or RBW Entertainment — which was known as WA Entertainment at the time — debuted their newest K-pop girl group, Mamamoo. With their use of retro jazz, R&B concepts, and strong vocal performances, their debut is often recognized as one of the best for the year.

Since their debut, the four-member girl group consisting Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa released four extended plays (EP) or mini-albums and one full-length studio album. Each subsequent release after their debut mini-album, Hello, has grown exponentially in sales, with their two K-pop comebacks last year, Melting and Memory, selling over 41,000 and 48,000 albums, respectively.

Needless to say, all of Mamamoo’s hard work in K-pop is worthy of recommendation. Right now, though, they accomplished something that is worthy of celebration: they have reached their 1,000-day anniversary.

The news of Mamamoo achieving their major milestone was first announced on their official Twitter account. According to their post, March 14 is officially their 1,000th day since they made their debut. For those living in the Americas, that day is technically today since South Korea is one day ahead. Nevertheless, Mamamoo thanked their K-pop fans, especially those who are Moomoos (official fan club of Mamamoo), for supporting them.

“To our Moomoos who have always supported us, we thank you and love you so, so much.”

As for the hashtag provided right after the caption, it roughly reads, “I hope we all celebrate 10,000 days together too,” a promise from Mamamoo that they will always be remembered as the popular four-member girl group even on their 30-year anniversary (10,000 days translates to roughly over 27 years).

For K-pop fans who’ve never even heard of Mamamoo or for K-pop fans who heard of them but never listened to one of their songs, the 1,000-day anniversary is a good reason to finally check them out. They have numerous hit songs that charted on the Korean Gaon chart and had either tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of digital downloads. Although this writer has a preference for the songs “Taller than You” and “New York,” the most popular songs so far are “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” “You’re the Best,” and their last major hit which dominated music competition K-variety shows, “Décalcomanie” (music video attached above).

MAMAMOO doing Uptown Funk
An image of Mamamoo doing ‘blackface’ at a concert is making its rounds on the internet. For the U.S., it was first seen on OneHallyu’s forums. [Image by OneHallyu]

As for a far more heartfelt reason to celebrate Mamamoo’s 1,000-day anniversary, it is to show they are still loved even in the shadow of their “blackface” scandal. Earlier this month, Mamamoo was put on the chopping block for painting their skin a dark tone for a skit in which they covered Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” as first discussed on the OneHallyu forums. The “blackface” was used on purpose for the show. Many Americans were quick to call them racist, and in their apology, they admitted their mistake but also admitted their ignorance. Despite this, Mamamoo is still being accused of intentional racism.

Right now, Mamamoo is on their “2017 Mamamoo Concert Moosical Curtain Call.” It is unknown at the moment how many more shows they will have or if it will even extend to international venues, but for now, all previous venues were in South Korea only. As for their K-pop comeback for 2017, it is expected they will start work on it once their current tour is concluded.

[Featured Image by Rainbow Bridge World (RBW Entertainment) Mamamoo’s Official Daum Cafe]