E9 flies

E9 Latest Updates With New Photos and Videos, Watch Live Eagle Cam Online

E9 is 72-days-old and continues to amaze cam watchers with his or her progress. Far from the tiny ball of fluff that hatched live online to hundreds of thousands watching via live cam, E9 has branched, fly hops and is preparing to fly and fledge the nest. You can watch E9 24/7 via the live eagle cam featured in the playlist directly below. E9 has proved to be a bald eagle with a playful and curious personality while also showing independent strength and determination. Quickly winning over fans, many who have watched the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam since its inception have shared their fondness for E9.

E9 continually practices wingsercise and is always seen flapping his or her wings. With windy weather conditions in Florida, it’s been nerve-wracking and a nail-biting event for many viewers. With a love for living on the edge, E9 always pushes the limits and continues to tempt fate. Is E9 really ready to fly? Will E9 take flight this week? With E9’s latest movements and bold spirit, it won’t be a surprise if E9 fledges soon. Check out some of these photos that feature E9’s impressive wing span shared on Twitter.

Branching is easy for E9 now, and you’ll see more times when E9 self-feeds independently. If you watch the live eagle cam, you’re bound to see an empty nest. It’s almost a foreshadowing of what’s to come. There is no doubt that E9 will fledge soon, but for those who’ve watched E9 since the cam began streaming live this season, the day will be bittersweet. It’s wonderful and exciting that E9 is growing and gaining independence, but many find themselves bonded to E9 and will be sad to see the popular eagle go. With E9’s daily progress it won’t be long before the bald eagle flaps his or her wings, gets lift and takes off.

Much of E9’s day is spent hopping from one branch to the spike, to the veranda and the porch (parts of the nesting tree) and each time E9 is venturing further away from the nest. There are still many lessons for E9 to learn before leaving and Harriet and M15 continue to teach E9 the way of the eagle. After E9’s daily lessons and venturing out of the nest, you can see that the juvenile eagle is tired. After a lot of activity, M15 typically flies back to the nest with fresh food for E9 that E9 will devour before resting. E9 spends a great deal of time exploring the nest, and you can still see that Harriet’s preening sessions are barely tolerated by the independent bird.

One of E9’s new hobbies consists of visiting the branch referred to as the spike. The spike is a branch that jets out from the nesting tree. You may see a photo of E9 on the spike below.

In the following video, you can watch E9 as he or she first discovered branching. The video captured by Lady Hawk shows E9 working on new skills. Each time E9 practices branching and grasping the branch firmly with his or her talons, the eagle is preparing for landing as this is a necessary skill needed in flight.

In the following video, you can watch as E9 continues to move further up the branch. Also, Harriet reveals her love and affection for her mate by giving him her bonding signal, love kicks. While Harriet and M15 have devoted their time and attention to raising E9, they still have plenty of time left for each other. Bald eagle mate for life and Harriet and M15 have a strong, loving relationship.

On March 11, 2017, E9 moved from the nest, to the veranda, and to the porch. These are all areas in the nesting tree that signify how much progress E9 is making. You can watch the video and see the momentous occasion that occurred on E9’s 10-week-old birthday in the video below. In celebration of E9’s birthday, Lady Hawk put together a video showcasing E9’s beauty and magnificence. You may see that video below as well.

On March 12, 2017, E9 spent the fist night away from the nest and on the branch, like a grown eagle. Each day E9 makes new strides and learns new skills proving that it won’t be long before E9 fledges.

You can watch other live streaming eagle cams online in the video playlist below. Are you a fan of E9 and the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam? What are your thoughts about E9 fledging the nest?

[Featured Image by David Hoffmann photography/Shutterstock]