Jax Taylor Argues with 'Bachelor' Nick Viall At Hotel Party

Jax Taylor Argues with ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall At Hotel Party

Jax Taylor is all about the attention being on him at all times. The Vanderpump Rules star occasionally does things to help out friends, and sometimes, it is more trouble than it is worth. Living in California and working at SUR has helped Taylor with the connections he has in show business. He has been heavily criticized for his overly dramatic outlook on events and also for spreading lies about people in his life, including his current girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright.

It isn’t very often that two of the most good-looking reality stars end up in the same place, but it happened a few weeks ago. Jax Taylor and Nick Viall were at the same event because they share a mutual friend. It was the grand opening of a hotel, and it was getting some serious publicity. According to Us Weekly, Jax Taylor recalls he approached Nick Viall for a photo and was denied by the Bachelor star. The way he tells it, he went off on the man who is looking for love on television. Taylor appeared on a podcast and recounted the occurrence, though there is another source who disputes things went down the way he said they did.

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Drama is huge in the world of reality television, and that is the world both Jax Taylor and Nick Viall live in. There were words spoken between the two at the hotel opening, though exactly what was said seems to be up for debate. Taylor tells it like he went off on Viall, even owning up to calling him a “d***ebag” during their confrontation. An unknown source spoke with the magazine and contradicted the claims he made during the podcast. It was also said that Jax was jealous over the attention Nick was getting and decided to stir up some drama to keep himself relevant and in the news. The host of the party was not known, but there is speculation he or she may weigh in down the road.

The Vanderpump Rules star was insisting that after a few weeks no one would remember the guy who was on the Bachelor. This is ironic because Nick Viall is one of the most recognized men from the franchise. This is his fourth show with ABC, and he made many waves on the seasons and shows he appeared on. Jax Taylor is likely the lesser known of the two reality stars because he has only been on Vanderpump Rules. Now, there is reportedly a spin-off in the works for him and girlfriend Brittany Cartwright on the Bravo network.

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There is always something outrageous happening when Jax Taylor is involved. That was proven this season on Vanderpump Rules when he decided to attend James Kennedy’s party and started a whole world of trouble, including a near-physical fight. The things that come out of his mouth are not filtered, and sometimes, the reality star just overlooks any potential hurt his actions may cause. It was made clear when he apologized to Stassi Schroeder in New Orleans in front of his girlfriend.

If the argument between Jax Taylor and Nick Viall had gotten physical, there is no telling who would have come out on top. Both reality stars are in direct competition with one another, airing on Monday nights. Viall will be heading to Dancing With the Stars and Taylor will remain airing on Vanderpump Rules through the reunion. While it is unclear exactly what went down between the two, fans are almost certain there were words exchanged, especially because Taylor admitted to having alcohol in his system and that is never a good thing.

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