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Windows Phone 8 Reboots, Battery Drain Issues Leading To Mass Complaints

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Issues

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 devices have only been on the market for a few weeks, yet customers are flooding the Microsoft support forums to complain about widespread issues with the devices.

According to customers, the technical problems include reboots and poor battery life. Customers have flocked to the company’s support forums and other communities to voice concern.

The problem is widespread enough that each complaint has garnered hundred of responses from other frustrated users who are having the same issues.

The random reboot issue has so far affected HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones. The Lumia 920 has also been plagued by screen freezes and mediocre battery life.

Several Nokia Lumia 920 buyers have attempted to wipe their devices and then reboot, a method that has led to their smartphones becoming stuck at the Nokia splash screen.

A Microsoft spokesperson tells ZDNet that company engineers are “investigating reports of these incidents.”

Major setbacks for the Microsoft Phone 8 platform couldn’t come at a worse time for Microsoft. The company is still struggling to gain market share against Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones, both of which make up nearly 90 percent of current smartphone sales.

While Windows 8 OS sales have been slower than analysts would like, Windows Phone 8 devices have at least made some inroads in their attempt to grab a piece of the smartphone market that Microsoft use to be ultra-competitive in.

Do you think the Windows Phone 8 OS has a chance at grabbing market share or will Microsoft continue to linger in the smartphone background.

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9 Responses to “Windows Phone 8 Reboots, Battery Drain Issues Leading To Mass Complaints”

  1. Allan Robertson

    I have my 920, and I love it, the battery is mediocre at best, but I worked through.battery issues before with great smartphones

  2. Nick Clark

    I have the Lumia 920 and have had ZERO problems with screen freezes, reboots, or battery drain. I do, however, keep a lean running phone and shutdown all non-essential apps/sys running in the background. Still, it gives me a day or use before a night on the charger, just like my Samsung Focus performed. People bitch too much.

  3. Henry Setiawan

    I have HTC8X and have had 0 problems too, I am yet to encounter reboot issue.

  4. Jason Fletcher

    Nokia 920 here, no issues. Battery is not as good I think as I would like. But I think that will come when I stop using all the cool features every 5 sec to show my friends. Love it

  5. Brian Fra

    Look at the links and the blogs – there ARE complaints but the MASS complaints is almost hysterical. This isn't journalism, so does the author have something vested in another platform? Why lie? Is your ego on the line for backing another platform?

  6. Tony Cr

    window phone 8 has to be the worst phone ever made. I had to return it after a week after never ending rebooting problems and horrible battery (3 hours average) on light use. No wonder no one is buying this crappy phone.

  7. Roland Burt

    Got a white 920 on launch day. I turned off tap+send feature in settings. Battery is now better than my 4s. Turn off bluetooth as well until you need it. BTW, mass complaints is a little overstated don't you think? This is a great phone. Probably the best I've owned yet.

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