Lindsay Lohan wants nothing to do with her half-sister OR half-brother

Lindsay Lohan Not Planning On Meeting Her Half-Brother Either

It’s not just Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister she’s not interested in getting to know. The troubled starlet is reportedly still on the fence as to whether or not she’ll want to meet her half-brother by father Michael Lohan (who hasn’t even been born yet).

We reported earlier that Lindsay has told friends that she doesn’t want anything to do with her newly confirmed 17-year-old half-sister, conceived during an affair by father Michael Lohan back in the mid-90s. But Lindsay has another half-sibling due to meet the world on January 31. She just hasn’t yet decided whether or not she’ll want to meet him.

“What pisses me off is people say sh*t that isn’t even what she or we say,” father Michael Lohan tells The Huffington Post. “If it’s not from the horse’s mouth it means nothing.”

TMZ broke the news that Lindsay Lohan is “100% done with the ‘circus’ that is her father Michael Lohan and does NOT want to meet her half-sister Ashley.”

“Lindsay is very loyal to her mom Dina and hasn’t forgiven Michael for leaking a phone call between them last month,” a friend of the actress said. “What makes matters even more complicated about the new baby Michael is expecting in January is that it’s with one of her ex-friends, Kate Major.”

Though the details of Lindsay’s friendship with Kate Major are unknown, they were at least close enough for Major to pick Lohan up from rehab in 2007. Michael Lohan confirmed to several outlets that he is the father of Major’s soon-to-be-born baby boy.

Our advice to Lindsay Lohan? Stay clean, stop stealing things, focus on your career, and dump both of your parents. We’re all for reconciliation here at IQ, but there comes a time when you just have to throw in the towel.