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Taylor Swift’s New Guy Is A Serial Dater, Too

Taylor Swift's New Guy Is A Serial Dater, Too

Taylor Swift’s new guy has something in common with the country music star.

Harry Styles, the 18-year-old member of boy band One Direction, shares Taylor Swift’s affinity for serial dating, moving on from one relationship to the next with little room for a break. The pair had been dating earlier, but reportedly split up when he cheated on her.

As the San Francisco Examiner noted, Taylor Swift’s new guy is also known as something of a player. Harry Styles was referred to as a Romeo by the UK’s The Sun. The publication also called Harry Styles as a “womanising 18-year-old love god.”

Taylor Swift and her new guyhaven’t gone public yet with their romance, but have been seen together many times. On his 104.3 MY FM radio show, host Mario Lopez said that he saw Taylor Swift cozying up to her new guy.

“Taylor Swift was the special guest performer, and [here’s] a little inside scoop for you,” Lopez told his listeners. “During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back, and said, ‘Hey, Mario, how ya doing?’ And I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor.”

“The Red singer and the British boy-bander “walked off hand in hand,” Lopez added, announcing, “So Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction — you heard it here first. [They’re] officially hanging out, I can say that much.”

Taylor Swift’s new guy comes soon after her split with the latest in a series of boyfriends, summer fling Conor Kennedy. The pair announced their split a few weeks ago, citing differing schedules that kept Taylor away from her high school boyfriend for too long.

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88 Responses to “Taylor Swift’s New Guy Is A Serial Dater, Too”

  1. Anonymous

    The perennial junior high student filled with tween angst can’t date a real man. Of course her critical thinking abilities preclude her from moving beyond the underage set. It might help if she had an ounce of talent in the following areas, singing, musicianship and or song writing. Her clock is ticking as her fans grow up and leave never land. She certainly is no Emmylou or Gillian Welch.

  2. Anonymous

    HARRY STYLES IS NOT A MANWHORE HE IS A CUPCAKE. WHY DON'T YOU MEDIA PEOPLE GET THAT? like seriously, he thinks he's funny and cool but he's really not. he's a mommy's boy who likes being an 18 year old guy.

  3. Cathy Johnson

    Taylor Swift is a serial dater herself! She should take a break and just enjoy being herself.

  4. Tim Smith

    I live in Nashville, TN. I stood line with Taylor Swift to go through airport security and all I can say is why everyone thinks she is so great is beyond me. She was a skinny bean pole and I don't think she has that much of a voice.

  5. Ashley Mason

    "new guy is also known as something of a player".
    “womanising 18-year-old love god.”.
    Taylor must need a new song.

  6. Adle Brain

    Hey Taylor, I know you're still relatively young, but why don't you try someone your own age?

  7. Barbara LeBouton West

    THAT "thing" that looks 14 is considered a "love god"? By whom? No one…even Taylor..could be THAT desperate.

  8. Barbara LeBouton West about spending her time building "girlfriend" relationships.If she is so lame she has NO girlfriends..stands to reason no guy is going to hang around either.

  9. Scamuel Jones

    So she finally go to screw a Kennedy and got that notch on her 'HO belt! Now moving on to another "love" so she can write "He done her wrong song!" Nothing but a first class slutty Hollywood 'HO!

  10. Anonymous

    She should just get it over with and change her last name to Kardashian.

  11. Anonymous

    She needs to stop dating for a little while and get her head on straight. She also needs to stop dating boys still in high school.

  12. Morgan Stewart

    Gabby, I don't really think she is anymore. I forgot his name, but I think in a song, she hints at it. Something like "when you touch him and know his the one' or something like that.

  13. Vinny Androsiglio

    If she'd stop writing songs about them, maybe she could keep one. It's obvious she's the problem in all the relationships not the guys. She's a little weird anyway and definitely a player. Maybe she should look for someone in Legoland or a nursing home. Talk about extremes.

  14. Stephanie Sharf

    Oh give me a break. She's a gorgeous successful 22-year-old. And you want her to hang around with the hags? BO-RING. Maybe they can get into their jammies and do each other's nails on Sat. nite.

  15. Jeannette R Warren

    I think most of these posts are ridiculous really. I told my daughters to date more than one man/boy and "play the field." At 22 or 23 she should be dating and that doesn't mean she is sleeping with them and if she is it is her damn business. Oh yes and OMGosh there is an age difference! A big 5 years, how dare they enjoy each others company with 5 years difference in their age. Shocking! SMH

  16. Zia Paul

    It would be one thing if it was one 18 year old boy who was incredibly mature and they were still together. But, she has already dated two 18 year old boys and both of them within the same year. The one she is currently with reportedly cheated on her. That's a little problematic. I don't think people should "play the filed" per se, but just test waters. You don't have to date, but rather get to know a person before jumping in a relationship. That way you won't become a serial dater and only feel completed when dating someone.

  17. Jeannette R Warren

    Dating is getting to know someone. Only the media call it a relationship, you haven't heard her say she is "in a relationship" dating is dating, or getting to know each other. So what if there is a age difference, she isn't 33 she is 22 going on 23, not much difference in maturity level, from 18 to 26 or so.

  18. Anonymous

    Why does she wants this type reputation? She needs therapy! It's okay to be single for 10 minutes Taylor!

  19. Patty Naffziger Hagedorn

    Geez Taylor take a f..kin break. You seem so desparate. Maybe that's why all these guys are running from you.

  20. Dexter Pri'mTarget Antonio

    She's going to pass through 80% of Hollywood just to make new songs.

  21. Dexter Pri'mTarget Antonio

    She's going to pass through 80% of the Hollywood and the music industry just to make her songs.

  22. Frankhood Brotherz

    Western culture is funny when it comes to " marrige/dating". I respect and love my culture… Men marrying a woman 5 years or more younger…. Shit dope

  23. Anonymous

    The picture isn't even real… haha. that exact same photo is with a thousand other girls. this is why gossip sites are stupid.

  24. Lyle Lafee

    Taylor's new guy a serial dater well he getting to look more like Mick Jagger so move on Harry you had your moment and if Harry is dubbed a serial dater what is she dubbed as.

  25. Steve Tompkins

    She is trying to keep the Gonnorhea with him and her. As you know after her 25 guys she is well adjusted too her infections.She likes to keep her pet crabs & infections.She lies from the getgo about herself to all her fans & the world media.She is a skanky tramp who keeps going from one to the next.

  26. Jack Cass

    Fnd me one article where Taylor has ever commented on whether or not she is sexually active. She has always refused to answer that question so what makes you an expert on her sex life?

  27. Randy Clark

    Nothing like a non-issue about two irrelevant people to warm the cockles for the Holiday. Taylor needs to embrace her lesbian desires and be done with it.

  28. John Chancey

    The photo is creepy. She's leading him…….he's holding her like a lady takes the arm of a guy. Tells me all I need to know………..

  29. Angie Manolis-Montpas

    Thank you for your comment Jeannette. 5 years isn't that big a deal. What about all these older guy actors in their 50's marrying a girl in their 20's??!!!! There has been several of them lately. Even the older men go through several young hotties before they remarry. Leave Taylor alone and let her date and have fun. There are many high schoolers who are not celebrities that go through many boyfriends during the school years. She just spent her high school days in public view. And just because she is no longer dating one of them again doesn't make her the bad one. You don't know what is going on 'behind the news'. The guy could be a real jerk or he could be playing around behind her. She's a good singer and my daughter enjoys her music and that's what matters. I believe all the haters with the remarks are jealous of her and this is lashing out at her!

  30. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Taylor Swift goes through men like tissues. If they don't want to be thrown away in the end, don't date her. Pamela Bunting Lewis November 20th, 2012.

  31. Ellena Jones

    Oh I love how all the idiotic fans are there swearing she's a virgin. How fucking blind and naive can one be?

  32. Donna Ashby

    I don't know what Taylor is looking for except fun. These 18 year olds are so immature and it appears that she is too. She needs to get off the love sick songs. Terrible.
    The Kennedy boy needs counseling and I hope his grandmother is getting it for him. His mother just died tragically for goodness sake.

  33. Zia Paul

    Well, there is difference between dating and dating around. When you say you are dating someone that means you are in a relationship. When you are dating around, you aren't in a relationship and are getting to know potential boyfriends. On average, girls mature at a quicker rate than boys, which is why most women date and marry older. It levels out over time, but like I said, 18 is young. Taylor is always getting her hurt broken and this is why, rhetorically isn't smart when it comes to relationships. Just because it hasn'tvbeen confirmed doesn't mean they aren't together, Taylor is predictable that way. Whenever the media says she is dating someone, she always is, and then when they breakup expect a new song about this guy breaking her heart.

  34. Rudy Varga

    All I can say is Run Man! get out before she writes a song…..
    oh too late!

  35. James Ashley Gonzales

    When someone whom sleeps around different men , I would call her/ he a WHORE! Please no more break-up songs……… Taylor Swift get a life , stop sleep around!

  36. Pamela Schwartz

    I am concerned that she is idolized by thousands of young girls who see her with a new guy ever couple of months. Wish she was a little more discreet about changing boyfriends all the time. I'm afraid she's headed for some kind of disaster; first it was the older guys, Mayer and Gylenhall, now it's the boy-toys. I don't think she's the cute young woman she portrays herself as. Hope she doesn't wind up with a STD.

  37. Janine Simpson-Baker

    I just stumled upon this sight n have to say, it is disgusting how these people, supposedly adults, are obsessed with this child. You all should be ashamed of the horrid remarks being made. As if any of you know any real facts. If anyone needs to grow up it is all of you!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    He hung with Taylor before and he cheated – he's not worth it! he's a womanizing love god – good luck and you Taylor, are back with 18 yr olds = move on they are way too young – you are 22ish? Somebody 24 to 27/28 – mature and out of hschool!

  39. Carolynn Maggia

    Ugggghhhh me too. I was in a store recently when "We are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (ad nauseum) was playing … I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

  40. Anonymous

    Wow Really everyone is so quick to judge, shes a young lady and we all assume shes sleeping with everyone, not saying she is innocent but who is? Most of us wish we had her money and talent. So give credit where it is deserved. She can write and sing.

  41. Terry V Prideaux

    Wonder what kind of song will write about the Connor Kennedy? Perhaps a Irish Catholic drinking song. I also heard that the show "Cougar Town" is offering Taylor a role. She has the experience.

  42. Rebecca Selecman

    She is young, talented, beautiful and rich. She should be dating up a storm. Plus, the media loves to put "stars" in bed with anyone they are seen next to in a photo. They could be friends who share a love of music. I'm just glad to see her happy and not alone.

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