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‘LHHATL’: Jasmine Washington Child Support Case Stalled, Can’t Find Kirk Frost

Jasmine Washington has been a breakout star on Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after accusing Kirk Frost of making a baby with her and then taking off. Now, the former stripper-turned-mom of baby Kannon claims that she has hit a huge snag in her child support case against Kirk because the LHHATL star is nowhere to be found and she can’t serve him with the paperwork to make him show up to court.

Rumors that Kirk Frost had stepped out on Rasheeda again started to swirl around the end of 2016, as the Inquisitr previously reported. A woman named Jasmine Washington was claiming that Kirk seduced her, impregnated her, and then after she had the baby, she says he abandoned them both. However, the story gets even more shocking than that, and viewers are going to watch it play out on upcoming episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Apparently, Kirk met Jasmine in a strip club and ended up carrying on a rather long affair with her prior to getting her pregnant. Jasmine claims that while carrying what she says is Kirk’s baby, the LHHATL star paid her an allowance and even put her up in an apartment and gave her a car to drive. Jasmine also says that Kirk filled her head with stories about how he was going to leave Rasheeda so they could be together. It wasn’t until Jasmine broke up with Kirk that she says he pulled back all of his support, forcing her to take him to court to establish paternity of their son Kannon and to start making him pay child support.

A recent LHHATL teaser showed how Jasmine Washington had to go into hiding after her drama with Kirk Frost came out because of all the online “haters” who were not only insulting her for carrying on a relationship with a clearly married man but also for making her feel unsafe due to alleged threats made to her on social media.

It looks like she’s not the only one hiding; according to Bossip, Jasmine is accusing Kirk Frost of hiding from her in order to not be served court papers pertaining to the allegations that he fathered her newborn son. Apparently, Jasmine recently filed new paperwork asking the judge to hold a hearing regarding her inability to find Kirk in order to serve him.

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Kirk can’t hide forever, so he might as well step up and take the paternity test the way Stevie J did with Joseline Hernandez. Then again, it looks like Kirk knows that baby Kannon is his, whereas Stevie really believed he wasn’t the father of baby Bonnie Bella. However, Kirk’s stall tactics won’t stop him from taking responsibility forever and really just make him look like more of a jerk not only for avoiding the paternity test but also for cheating on Rasheeda in the first place.

As far as their marriage is concerned, based on social media, the pair are still going strong despite all of the drama we’ve seen during Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just in the first episode. Based on the way things started, Episode 2 might be even more explosive as Rasheeda sets out to figure out exactly what is going on with Kirk now. Will they ever actually split up or get divorced, though?

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Time will tell, but a lot of LHHATL fans think that Kirk and Rasheeda are in it for the long haul. As much as he’ll never leave her no matter how many lies he tells his side chicks, she’s not really trying to leave him either. So is anyone surprised that Kirk Frost isn’t commenting on the Jasmine Washington paternity and child support claims? Instead, he keeps posting old pictures of himself with his other son and throwing shoutouts to Rasheeda on Instagram.

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