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Most Biased News Network Revealed In New Study

MSNBC Most Biased News

The most biased news network may not be who you think it is. Given Fox News’ various snarky comments during the recent Presidential election many viewers may believe its well-known conservative slant has made it the most biased network on television. However, when it comes to slanting the news Fox is not the network that truly delivers only what its viewers want to hear. According to a study conducted by the non-partisan Pew Research Centers Project for Excellence in Journalism, MSNBC (now NBCNews) receives that dubious distinction.

The Pew study analyzed stories surrounding President Obama and Mitt Romney and found that 71% of MSNBC’s stories showed a negative bias towards Romney, while only 46% of Fox’s stories about Obama had a negative bias. backs up the numbers and further adds that in overall coverage the media delivered Obama a biased edge over Romney.

In an effort to help viewers become more engaged and determine the truth for themselves had a few suggestions. Their first suggestion is to consider the news’ sources. For instance, during the election the numbers show that MSNBC would now have made a good source for partisan news gathering because of too much of the sources reporters quoted were bias. For example interviewing a Democratic council member would be biased if a Republican council member was not interviewed for the same piece of reporting. suggests asking the following questions about your news network of choice: Does the company lack diversity? Do the on-air reporters reflect the fact that Americans are more than one color? Are any of the producers gay or lesbian? Are any of the writers Christian, Buddist or Jewish?

Experts note that the ultimate goal for a news network should be to share the views of different people. It is also suggested that viewers let news organizations know whenever they have a problem with the networks work.

Liberals will likely claim Fox News is the most biased news network while conservatives will typically point towards MSNBC, CNN and others. While MSNBC wins this distinction a recent study found that people who watch Fox News know less about actual news events then people who don’t watch the news at all. Ultimately determining the validity of a news stations content becomes the responsibility of the viewer.

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13 Responses to “Most Biased News Network Revealed In New Study”

  1. Nathaniel McGee

    But if there was no MSNBC where would get any critical information where biased or not? None of the three major broadcasters even bother covering the President, they talk about any and everything else rather than even mention what the President did that day or for the week! Its as if you are not supposed to mention the President without giving some republican s..thead equal time.

  2. Rick BigDaddy Kinsworthy

    Nathaniel McGee…the current president isnt WORTH mentioning…

  3. Dennis Faulkner

    Considering how biased the mainstream media is, I feel Fox if the most "fair and balanced" network – how many stories have not been reported on with the mainstream media regarding the Clinton's and Obama? I have read for years about how the Clinton's abused the IRS, that anyone that ran afoul of the Clinton's was audited again, and again, and again – which is embarrassing to think that anyone would be creepy enough to misuse their power that way! I can understand maybe having an audit on someone once if you have a hunch they are a big cheat, but once you have established they seem to be ok – you keep doing it again and again?

  4. Anonymous

    Anybody that believes that watching Fox News somehow causes you to know LESS about the news that someone who DOES NOT WATCH the news; well, anybody that believes that might buy the Booklyn Bridge, for that is obviously untrue. As if watching Fox News would drain your knowledge. Please. Liberals can really get carries away. There is so much valid criticism you could make and instead you choose to make up something no thinking person would believe.

  5. Brian Beck

    We can tell by who etote this article where their loyalty lies……….LIBTARD !!

  6. Taylor Reich

    It's interesting as a Canadian to get front row seats to American politics. You get to see how unbelievably stupid people are. Honestly. I support the conservative party of Canada. We go neck to neck with the Liberal party sometimes. But at least we're all educated and rational.

    Because if you're an American, and you ever make the comment that Fox News is "fair and balanced", you have absolutely no capability of discerning bias. Likewise, if you're an American and you think that MSNBC is middle of the road you're out of your mind.

    I kind of feel sorry for you, since the only station getting close to ethical, intelligent journalism is CNN… And even then, you have Pierce Morgan.

    People, as long as you have people like Morgan and O'Reilly filling programs on the stations you watch, your news will never be accurate. As long as you have programs like "Red Eye" and countless others, you are never going to be informed.

    Try watching BBC, or Reuters, or The Independent. Heck even CBC here in Canada gives equal coverage.

    And please… I hope you know that insulting people over their political views and "guilt by association" is not something the rest of the western world does.

  7. Rick Schneider

    "…a recent study found that people who watch Fox News know less about actual news events then people who don’t watch the news at all."

    What study, who commissioned it and what was the methodology? Please cite.

  8. Red Xiv

    The premise of this study is deeply flawed, to say the very least. A story being negative toward a candidate does not automatically make it a "biased" story. Sometimes, simply doing what every journalist is SUPPOSED to do and accurately reporting the facts will result in stories that are VERY negative toward a particular politician.

  9. Rob Clark

    Oh get of your high horse pal… You're so busy criticizing our neighbors that your don't even realize how conceited you come across. It annoys the hell out of me when Canadians feel they have to constantly point out their perceived superiority over our American brothers & sisters, talk about Canadian bias.

    Most laughable thing you said was pointing to the BBC and the CBC (Both of course which aren't American) as a good example as a non-biased network. Seriously? The CBC? That's a joke right? Not only does the CBC not favor the Conservative part of Canada, they're practically the broadcast company for the Liberal party of Canada and we pay for it with our tax dollars whether we agree with it or not! The US enjoys a more diverse press system than we have in Canada which is one of the reasons it's so much better.

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