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Jenny McCarthy Kisses, Chokes And Spanks Justin Bieber At AMAs [Video]

justin bieber

Justin Bieber may be having relationship problems at the moment but he’s having no problem finding women to kiss. In fact, some women (ahem, Jenny McCarthy) are attacking the famous singer in order to get a kiss.

Bieber took home a few awards last night at the AMAs and possibly a few sexual scars.

The former Playboy Playmate ambushed the singer as he took the stage to accept the award for Best Pop/Rock Album of the Year. McCarthy kissed, choked, and spanked Bieber after she presented the award.

McCarthy said:

“I did grab his butt. I couldn’t help it. He was just so delicious So little. I wanted to tear his head off and eat it!”

Once McCarthy stopped her assault on the young singer Bieber took the mic and told the crowd: “Wow. I feel violated right now!”

McCarthy joked after the show that Bieber would be the “cougar score” of the century.

McCarthy said:

“Can you imagine how hilarious that would be? That would be the cougar score of the century. ‘Jenny McCarthy Dates Justin Bieber.’ I want some Bieber fever – and I want a Bieber rash.”

Do you think Jenny McCarthy and Justin Bieber would make a good couple?

Here’s the video of McCarthy kissing Bieber at the AMAs.

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21 Responses to “Jenny McCarthy Kisses, Chokes And Spanks Justin Bieber At AMAs [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm SICK & FUCKIN TIRED Of Seeing BIEBER THIS, BIEBER THAT. Who The Fuck CARE'S Really. If People Had Taste In Music They Would'nt Give A RAT'S ASS About Him. Unless M. JACKSON Was Still Alive, HE'D BE INTERESTED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

  2. Gerald Pool

    If a woman were to say, "Wow, I feel violated right now!" everyone would race to her aid, as it should be. Bieber's sexual preference is irrelevant. Gay or straight, no one has the right to force themselves on another. Just because JMc is a sexual celebrity doesn't give her the right to be a sexual predator! If a girl or woman had pulled away, protested and was still pursued, kissed and fondled by a man, he would have been crucified.

    Bieber deserves at the very least an apology and court hearing with JMc as the defendant!

  3. Anonymous

    ahem! and his mother was sitting there having to watch "her baby" being mauled by Jenny Mcarthy. Hey, how would you like to watch your son in that situation. Kinda uncomfortable? don't you think?

  4. Rose Emma Boory

    she is his grandmother's age. it is disgusting when a man does this to a woman and it is disgusting to see a woman do this to a man. she overstepped her bounds, we call this molestation when someone grabs your bottom without prior consent. this was not a kiss, butt grab, or choke hold between two consenting adults.

  5. Rose Emma Boory

    people this is a beautiful grandmother aged woman. so you don't protest when one of your grandmother's beautiful friends grab you and kiss you and grab your bottom?

  6. Rose Emma Boory

    I think it is a crack from the world crumbling. morality is crumbling.

  7. Pali Highway

    I don't blame Beiber! I was pretty shocked when I saw her act out like that and even though that behavior is to be expected by that Old, tasteless McCarthy, she is still a very scary and cheap lady. So shameful!

  8. Pali Highway

    Go back to your cave Carlos! or are you more comfortable in a prison cell?

  9. Pali Highway

    @Chip, obviously you are one of the socially confused and maybe even live in your parents basement. You certainly don't understand boundries and are very desperate for any kind of attention. Please seek professional help for your own good and the good of society.

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