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Bernie Sanders Abandons Courtesy: ‘What If The President Is A Liar?’

In the wake of last weekend’s early morning series of furious tweets from Donald Trump, all directed at former president Barack Obama and accusing him of wiretapping Trump’s buildings since October 2016, of which no substantial evidence has been brought forth to legitimize the claims, defeated democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also took to Twitter. His aim was to ask a provocative question that many may be wondering, according to Oregon Live.

“What should a United States senator, or any citizen, do if the president is a liar? Does ignoring this reality benefit the American people?… Or do we have an obligation to say that he is a liar to protect America’s standing in the world and people’s trust in our institutions?”

Although coming out and calling other politicians liars is generally frowned upon, Sanders has a record of being the longest serving independent senator in congressional history as a senator from Vermont, and Sanders’ often kind but truthful demeanor won him plenty of fans who bitterly opposed the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee for President of The United States. Some of them even broke party lines after Clinton’s nomination and voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

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After President Trump’s series of tweets that accused President Obama of being a “bad (or sick) guy” for allegedly wiretapping Donald Trump, top authorities from the FBI said there is no way that happened. Additionally, the Trump camp has not been able to present any evidence in the six days since the accusations that surveillance of Trump occurred.

In typical Sanders fashion, Bernie has reflected upon what this type of unprovoked accusations and false allegations may have on the people of this nation and the United States as a whole. He ponders how the world perceives the United States with President Donald Trump at the helm.

“President Trump cannot continue to lie, lie, lie. It diminishes the office of the president and our standing in the world.”

Called out by a journalist for the possible discord he was creating by calling Trump a liar, Bernie Sanders did not back down when he took to Medium to take it a step father and explain his grave concerns about the accusations and policies being made by Donald Trump.

“It is easy to know how we respond to a president with whom we disagree on many, many issues… the Affordable Care Act, Wall Street regulations, environmental protections, and on and on and on! How do we deal with a president who makes statements that reverberate around our country and the world that are not based on fact or evidence?”

Sanders is certainly not the first person to ponder this question, but he may be the person with the largest following to ask the question, and his words sound like a summons to the American public to hold Donald Trump accountable for his allegations against former President Barack Obama. Obama was reportedly anywhere from “livid” to “mildly irritated, rolling his eyes,” depending on what article is read. We do know that Obama was out and about the day of the allegations, visiting an art gallery in D.C. with Michelle and seeming to carry on with his everyday routine since retiring from the presidency.

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Sanders has also asserted that President Trump might make wild allegations with no basis against others in order to divert attention away from serious accusations against him, such as his alleged unethical and possibly illegal ties to Russia and the effect that may have had on the Presidential election.

While most mainstream media will stop short of calling President Trump a liar, seeming to believe it is too harsh a word, Sanders, who is not known for any type of unwarranted instigation of personal vendettas, has no problem using the “L” word that many avoid. He wrapped up his musings in a single sentence that some are interpreting as a call to the American public.

“What should we do if the president is a liar.”

How do you feel about Sanders’ assertion that Trump is a liar? What should the American public do in response?

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