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Is O.J. Simpson Innocent? Serial Killer Glen Rogers Claims He Killed Nicole Simpson

Glen Rogers serial killer claims

O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in the 1994 double murder, according to claims made in a new documentary. Claims made in the film place the blame for Nicole Simpson’s and Goldman’s murders squarely on the shoulders of convicted serial killer Glen Rogers.

In My brother The Serial Killer Glen Rogers is profiled extensively. The Investigation Discovery documentary includes interviews with Rogers’ relatives, police officers, and legal officials, according to the New York Post.

Glen allegedly boasted about killing 70 people, according to Radar Online. If family members interviews are accurate, Rogers’ also “partied” with Nicole Simpson shortly before she was murdered in 1994. Th serial killer also allegedly told his buddies that O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife was “wealthy” and that he was going to “take her down.”

At the time of the Simpson and Goldman murders, Rogers was reportedly working a construction job in the Southern California region. He was also allegedly familiar with details relating to the gruesome murder scene. Glen Rogers supposedly claimed he was working with O.J. Simpson on the murders.

The serial killer was allegedly hired to rob Nicole Simpson of earrings worth $20,000. The convicted murderer also supposedly stated that O.J. told him to “kill the b***h if she got in the way” of the robbery.

Clay Rogers turned his brother into the police after he found a man’s dead body in the family’s Minnesota cabin. Glen was convicted of murdering two women in 1995 and was placed on death row. It was during an interview with a criminal profiler that the serial killer allegedly stated he was responsible for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders.

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8 Responses to “Is O.J. Simpson Innocent? Serial Killer Glen Rogers Claims He Killed Nicole Simpson”

  1. Dave Norris

    how could OJ be innocent if he allegedly hired this guy to steal Nicole's earrings and kill her if necessary?

  2. Roy Freeman

    Dave this is how innocent people get convicted, because people like you only here what that want. I believe it read "The convicted murderer also supposedly stated".

  3. Dave Norris

    Roy, I'm actually one of the people who believe OJ didn't do the deed. I, however, think this story is total bs and a ploy for publicity.

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