Gemma Collins one night stand with James

Gemma Collins Admits One-Night Stand With James Argent In A Bid To Have A Baby

Gemma Collins admitted to a one-night stand with James Argent in Marbella last year. She revealed her desperate tactic to have a baby in yesterday’s episode of TOWIE to her pals, Chloe Sims and Georgia Kousoulou. Gemma confessed that she has been feeling unfulfilled because of her lack of a child contributing to her decision to have an unprotected sex with a mystery man. Collins then admitted to a one-night stand with James Argent following her bout of severe sinusitis which left her hospitalized.

Gemma Collins admits one night stand with James Argent

The TOWIE star expressed her desperation for a baby during Wednesday night’s episode. Speaking to her co-stars, Gemma admitted that she had unprotected sex with James “Arg” Argent in her bid to become a mother. She also revealed that she slept with him, without his knowledge while filming for “The Only Way Is Marbs” episode in October.

“When we were in Marbella, I had a one-night stand with someone we all know. The long and short of it is, I didn’t use contraception because I’m at that age now that if I fall pregnant, I fall pregnant. When I came on my period, I thought ‘What a shame!'” the reality star confessed as she broke down into tears.


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Her friends, especially Chloe gave her a straightforward and meaningful advice telling Gemma that “a baby will not fulfill” her. She added, “If you’re not fulfilled in your heart, bringing another human to the world will not fix that.”

The 36-year-old had also previously claimed to have been pregnant during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house which appeared to have all been made up for a publicity stunt.

Collins recently told Loose Women about her woes of being single in the mid-30s and not having a child.

Gemma Collins one night stand with James
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“I thought I haven’t had a baby. I’m feeling f***ing pressure. I feel so unfulfilled at 36 not having a child. It’s like I have a sign. Come and rinse me, come and break me, come and drain my bank account. I’m 36 and I haven’t met the love of my life,” Collins said.

After Gemma admits one-night stand with James and failing to have her mission accomplished, she weighs in on two plans: waiting for a man or putting her eggs on freeze.

We’re hoping Gemma finds the real love of her life before it’s too late. As science says, fertility quality drops really fast when you reach 35.

Her experience with severe sinusitis

The reality babe wasn’t able to be part of Sunday night’s opening episode as she had a severe bout of sinusitis which left her hospitalized. The British blonde was forced to reflect on her life as she believed she was “having a heart attack” and feared that there was no one around to help her.

Gemma Collins one night stand with James
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“I was scared, I thought, ‘Who would I leave everything to?’ I was really s***ted up… it was that awful moment where I thought it’s actually just me. If I don’t have a boyfriend, how am I gonna have a baby?” she said.

Oh, Gem.

James Argent is getting fit while in Thai Rehab

Meanwhile, James Argent checked himself into a Thai Rehab last month to beat his addiction to drugs and alcohol. And so far, the TV star has made good progress as he shared a picture of himself and his Muay Thai instructors on his Instagram account. His friend, Jack Tweed can attest that Arg is seriously putting his old life and drama behind him.

I'm in love with Thailand & Muay Thai, I've even got my very own Mr Miyagi's haha! #hardwork #dedication #allworkiseasywork

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Speaking to New magazine, “He’s been eating really healthy foods and he’s lost over a stone. Arg is in a really good place at the moment and I hope he keeps it up, for his sake and his family’s sake.”

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