Piers Morgan bashes Kim Kardashian nude selfies and is not an example of feminism

Piers Morgan Bashes Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfies, Calling It Anti-Feminist

Piers Morgan bashed Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies and called it anti-feminist. This is the second time Morgan slammed Kim for her scantily-clad selfies and said that the reality star ought to set a good example for young girls by not stripping off for a selfie, even adding that it doesn’t bring empowerment at all and is not a good example of feminism. Piers bashed Kim’s nude selfies during his appearance on Good Morning Britain yesterday.

Outspoken Piers Morgan bashes Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies

The brash journalist aired his view of feminism on Good Morning Britain‘s Wednesday episode. He was joined by singer Annie Lennox and Emmeline’s granddaughter, Helen Pankhurst. In observance of International Women’s Day, the trio talked about women’s rights, gender equality, and advocacies on feminism which brought the topic about Kim K.

“I saw Kim Kardashian flipping the bird doing a topless selfie to her millions of followers, many of whom are impressionable young girls- that can’t be a good example of feminism. She does it in the name of liberating and empowering women and feminism, to me that can’t be and shouldn’t be what feminism is,” Piers said.

Piers Morgan bashes Kim Kardashian nude selfies and is not an example of feminism
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Annie then commented that they each have different views on feminism. Perhaps, that is Kim’s way of saying how proud and confident she is in her own body.

“For me, because of my absolute commitment to that issue, I’ve been to Ethiopia and done things courtesy of Comic Relief. I’m deeply involved in the basic things like trying to get women access to education, let alone basic pay. The western world is in a bubble,” Annie shared.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has always been under enormous fire for constantly posing naked or half-naked selfies on her Instagram page. In May 2016, the mother of two made sure everyone remembered her acceptance speech for winning the coveted Break The Internet honor by Webby Awards, sending shockwaves with only a five-word speech, “Nude selfies until I die.”

There’s clearly no stopping this woman. Also, during the Vogue 100 gala dinner in London, Kim Kardashian wore a very revealing Roberto Cavalli gown which showed off her ample womanly assets. She defended herself from haters and said at that time, “For me, it wasn’t even about flaunting it. I felt good about myself so let ME do what I feel comfortable with. If you are conservative and if you’re not comfortable with that, that’s amazing, too.”

Piers Morgan bashed Kim’s nude selfies and said that she has a twisted view of feminism. With a huge media following, the telly personality spoke about setting a good example for young girls by inspiring them to accept one’s self without uploading a provocative snapshot of their body online.

Piers Morgan bashes Kim Kardashian nude selfies and is not an example of feminism
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“She’s wrong about the naked selfies. Do that to Kanye. I’ve got no problem with what she does in her own life. Doing it to a bunch of millions of young girls… is that really the arbiter of success for women in the world now? No, it’s not… Be stylish. Be cool, be sexy, be genuinely empowering,” Morgan said.

Piers Morgan might be gagged up again by Susanna Reid

The 51-year-old was in a bad mood after his fave team, Arsenal, was out from the Champions League following their loss to Bayern Munich on Tuesday. His co-host Charlotte Hawkins advised him to not support football anymore as he would just put himself “through the torment of it.”

Morgan responded, “This is the problem on International Women’s Day. People say very silly things. Let’s move on.”

Susanna Reid then held her head in her hands before threatening, “I think I’ll have to get the gag out Piers Morgan.”

Reid took Morgan to the stage at the National Television Awards with a black tape across his mouth.

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