'The Walking Dead': EP On Rick Grimes' Words On Glenn's Death, 'TWD' Trauma

‘The Walking Dead’: EP On Rick Grimes’ Words About Glenn’s Death, ‘TWD’ Trauma

The Walking Dead Season 7 began in the most brutal way. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun). Now that the season is almost over, executive producer Denise Huth has come forward to discuss some things. One of those includes Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) talking to Michonne (Danai Gurira) about Glenn’s death. The trauma of what they experienced was also brought up.

If you have not seen the Season 7 premiere of TWD, which aired in February 2017, then spoilers will be ahead. You have been warned.

'The Walking Dead': EP On Rick Grimes' Words About Glenn's Death, 'TWD' Trauma
Glenn’s death on ‘The Walking Dead’ was mentioned. [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne had a conversation. Grimes talked about Glenn’s death. On Talking Dead, which aired following the zombie apocalypse TV show, executive producer Denise Huth explained the significance of bringing up Glenn’s name after all of this time.

“The first half of the season was pretty dark, and I think Rick personally – and really all of them – were in a state of shock. That level of trauma, having witnessed that and participated in a way because they’re stuck there, they can’t do anything. They lost people in a heated battle before, but just to see somebody executed – it is big trauma. You don’t just get over that and he’s finally coming out of it, but I think it’s always there. Greif doesn’t just go away.”

The TWD executive producer added that the words, “Glenn saved me, I couldn’t save him” will forever echo in Rick’s mind.

Also discussed was the carnival setting where Rick and Michonne found all the guns. It was confirmed that it was a school and obviously, they were having some sort of carnival when the apocalypse began. Soldier zombies were seen, which means at one point, it must have been a camp or settlement. As for what happened there with all the bullets, Huth said that fans will probably never know. It could have been from a walker horde or perhaps it was from other survivors.

'The Walking Dead': EP On Rick Grimes' Words About Glenn's Death, 'TWD' Trauma
Glenn Rhee left behind his pregnant wife, Maggie on ‘The Walking Dead.’ [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

It was also revealed that the episode titled “Say Yes” had some flashback moments. When Rick and Michonne fell through the roof, that happened once before on The Walking Dead. The car being surrounded reminded some fans of Rick stuck in the tank during the first season. As for when Michonne thought Rick was being eaten, fans thought the same thing with Glenn and the dumpster last year. Taking these memories and familiar moments, it seems fitting that Glenn’s death would be mentioned.

As far as why Rick Grimes wasn’t ready to return to Alexandria, Denise Huth said he is enjoying the moment. She explained that Rick is not stalling, but is taking the time to savor the sweet moments he has with Michonne.

“He’s come out of this fog, they’ve made this decision that they’re going to fight, but Negan doesn’t know that yet. So, they’re kinda in this happy little bubble where they have this freedom of knowing they’re taking action, but the first shot hasn’t been fired yet. Once the first shots are fired, it is on and he knows it is going to be brutal. He knows there will be loss.”

Those losses could include Rick, Michonne, or perhaps both of them. This is a reality that they both have to face, even though it is not pleasant to think about. Michonne realized this when she thought Rick died.

What did you think of the episode titled “Say Yes?” Do you have any thoughts on what executive producer Denise Huth had to say about Rick Grimes and Michonne? Did you notice the familiar scenes and the conversation about Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead?

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