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Is Donald Jr. The Trump With The Sense Of Humor?

Last Saturday on Saturday Night Live, a skit depicted Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. in a humorous manner, with Eric as the dopey younger brother, and Donald Jr. as his babysitter, complete with a ziplock bag of Cheerios to keep the younger Trump busy while the older Trump spoke for the two of them. Sure, this sounds like just another SNL skit at a Trump’s expense, but the difference with this one is the reaction. Unlike his father, President Donald Trump, who has tweeted his objection to SNL, saying that it isn’t funny, Donald Jr. was so amused he has offered to play himself on a future show.

If anyone knows how much President Donald Trump dislikes SNL, it’s Alec Baldwin, who has portrayed Trump on several episodes of the show, during the election, and after Trump was sworn in as president, says the Inquisitr. In fact, the conflict between Baldwin and Trump has moved to Twitter, Trump’s favorite forum, where the two have faced off. Making the conflict even more complicated, Alec’s youngest brother, Stephen Baldwin is a big Trump supporter, while Alec Baldwin and another Baldwin brother, Billy Baldwin, were big Hillary Clinton supporters.


Dear @nbcsnl I stole somebody's snack today (hint it may be Eric). Don't tell him. #heshungry #snl #weekendupdate. PS if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I'm available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey????

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On this season of SNL, Eric Trump and Donald Jr. are played by new cast members Alex Moffat and Mikey Day, says Vanity Fair. Eric Trump is portrayed as a goofball, while Donald Jr. is the slick older brother. But perhaps the most interesting postscript of this portrayal on SNL is the fact that Donald Trump Jr. was amused.


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In the skit, Day, playing Donald Jr. gives Moffat’s Eric a baggie of Cheerios to keep him busy while they make an appearance on “Weekend Update” as they are being interviewed by Colin Jost. So the next day, Donald Trump, Jr. posted a photo of himself on Instagram eating Cheerios out of a baggie with a tongue in cheek post.

“Dear @nbcsnl I stole somebody’s snack today (hint it may be Eric). Don’t tell him. #heshungry #snl #weekendupdate. PS if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I’m available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey.”

It’s unclear what papa Donald will think of Don Jr’s offer, as he was allegedly not amused when Sean Spicer took his own portrayal by Melissa McCarthy in stride. The way President Donald Trump reacted to SNL is perplexing to some, and even Alec Baldwin said he plans to hang up his Trump costume, as he can’t imagine doing this for four years.

“The maliciousness of this White House has people very worried. Which is why I’m not going to do it much longer, by the way. The impersonation. I don’t know how much more people can take it.”

Playing around with Spencer this fall. He wouldn't let me give him a hug so I helped him give himself one.???? #familytime #family #weekend #fun

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It’s unclear whether Eric Trump is as amused as his brother, Donald Jr., considering Eric is portrayed as dim, while his brother is slick, and a bit skeevy, says Huffington Post. In the sketch, Don, Jr. brings along Cheerios (as one would for a toddler) and a juice box just in case brother Eric gets cranky.

Many people are relieved to find out that at least one Trump is has a sense of humor, and is on board with SNL enough to offer to play himself in a sketch. Others are said to be hopeful that Donald, Jr. can put a good word in with President Trump, and get him to lighten up when it comes to the parodies.

About to do some snow wrestling with Chloe… kids are loving the snow this weekend. #weekend #snow #family #familytime #snowbaby #outdoors #outdoorbaby

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Are you surprised that Donald Trump Jr. thought that the Saturday Night Live sketch featuring him and his brother Eric was funny?

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