Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 33

WWE News: Possible Outcomes Discussed Regarding Undertaker – Reigns WM 33 Match

For months, numerous theories brewed regarding who would be Roman Reigns’ opponent at WrestleMania 33. The two top theories that funneled from all the speculation were a match against either Braun Strowman or The Undertaker. While Reigns was United States Champion, many felt that a title match against Strowman would be the direction that WWE would go, giving Reigns a title defense and showcasing one of their top heels on Raw. However, the feeling was that this match was not big enough for Reigns at the biggest event of the year, so WWE decided to develop something bigger. This commenced the tease between The Undertaker and Reigns at the Royal Rumble, as Reigns bested Undertaker during the match.

On Raw, the match was practically sealed, as Braun Strowman come out to the ring and called out Reigns. All of a sudden, Undertaker’s music hits, and the two have a faceoff in the ring. Strowman bowed out and walked away into the crowd. As Undertaker was proceeding to exit the ring, Reigns’ music hits, and he enters the ring. Brazenly, Reigns informed Undertaker that Strowman did not call him out, and he did not know why he decided to come to the ring. Unfortunately, for Reigns, he received a chokeslam for his troubles, and the stage was set for a marquee match a WrestleMania 33.

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While there will be no title on the line, this match can be very pivotal to both the careers of Reigns and Undertaker. For Reigns, this could be the beginning of a major heel turn and successful run as a villain for Raw. Seeing how he receives a chorus of boos for the WWE Universe already for being the “chosen one” and not an Internet Wrestling Community-certified superstar, a heel turn may elevate those boos to an even greater level, and place Reigns in a very good spot as a top heel. Defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 could elicit one of the most hostile reactions in WWE history.

It is already known that this match is solely for the purpose of making Reigns look good. In his latest blog, Jim Ross discussed a few options that could accomplish this mission.

“Been asked frequently what I’d do for the finish of the Wrestlemania, Reigns vs Undertaker match and there are multiple ways to do this effectively. The bottom line is that coming out of the match that Roman Reigns has to be the priority so either Reigns shockingly wins via cheating after a seemingly, rugged babyface match goes awry would work for me as would Reigns losing a close one and then leaving the Undertaker laying in his yard. This match is not really about Taker but about how the Undertaker persona can advance Reigns.”

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Regardless of the outcome, the goal of WWE is for the end result to make Reigns look like an even bigger star than he is now. While a John Cena heel turn against The Undertaker has been in talks for quite some time, it never happened, and most likely never will with Cena winding down his WWE career as a full-time competitor. Now, Reigns can assume the shocking heel turn against The Undertaker that will cause shockwaves across the WWE Universe, especially if he defeats The Phenom.

Although The Streak should have never ended, already having a loss at WrestleMania softens the blow if Undertaker loses to Reigns. Moreover, Undertaker is due for a hip replacement surgery, which would officially end his in-ring career. Due to these factors, now is the time to make a pivotal move in the career of Roman Reigns, as the 31-year-old is viewed as the next big star that will carry the WWE banner for the years to come.

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