Danielle Bregoli Dropped Out Of School? Viral Rumors Face 'Cash Me Outside' Girl

Danielle Bregoli Dropped Out Of School? Viral Rumors Face ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl

Did Danielle Bregoli drop out of school to cash in on her “Cash me outside” fame?

The 13-year-old internet star, who gained fame after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, is the center of rumors that she decided to drop out of seventh grade and instead focus on her burgeoning social media career. There have been media reports about her allegedly dropping out and internet memes calling out the teenager for what many interpreted as a foolish decision.

The reports that the “Cash me outside” girl dropped out of school came from a Twitter post by someone identifying herself as Danielle Bregoli. The post bragged about the money she has made since gaining fame.

“Who needs school when your rich,” the post noted, showing pictures of Bregoli fanning a wad of $1 bills.

But despite the rumors, it appears that the report claiming Danielle Bregoli is dropping out of school may be a hoax — or a parody. The account that posted the warning is identified as Danielle Bregoli, but the real “Cash me outside” girl has a different Twitter account, one that is actually verified.

It appears the Twitter account making the claim is likely a fake.

Part of the rumor that Danielle Bregoli is dropping out of school comes from a recent report that the “Cash me outside” girl is making a small fortune from her sudden fame. The 13-year-old has reportedly been making public appearances, and Hollywood Life noted that she has a very high price tag for showing up.

“Danielle is reportedly getting paid over $40k to make an appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, according to TMZ. That’s just for one appearance! The owner of the company throwing the festival also told the site he will be throwing Danielle’s 14th birthday party in March and she’ll get a cut of the ticket sales for that too. Apparently, Danielle’s representation says for an appearance in the U.S. she wants around $30k and you’ll have to fork up $40k for her to go overseas for an appearance.”

Bregoli has been finding other ways to cash in on her sudden fame. Just after her first Dr. Phil appearance went viral online, the “Cash me outside” girl posted a link on showing off her official merchandise. The most expensive option was a blanket emblazoned with Bregoli’s face that had a price tag of $250.

She has gotten into quite a bit of trouble along the way — from racy Instagram Live videos to run-ins with the police — but Danielle Bregoli also appeared to be taking some measures to clean up her act. She has shared some modeling pictures that showed a classier image

But amid her controversies, Danielle Bregoli also appears to be taking some measures to clean up her image. Last month, she shared images from a photo shoot where she has a classier look.

All you hoes need @fashionnova ????

A post shared by Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie) on


A post shared by Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie) on

“For the fashion shoot, the ‘cash me outside’ girl tried on a lovely light-blue contour dress with a striped crew-neck and a pair of clean white sneakers,” a report from Hollywood Life noted. “The look is definitely more ‘tennis’ and less ‘alley fight’ and we’re getting major Spring style inspo from the look.”

Despite the growing rumors, it does not appear if Danielle Bregoli has addressed the reports claiming that she has dropped out of school.

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