Both stars are producers of new series

Despite Reports, Nicole Kidman And Reese Witherspoon Not Feuding [Debunked]

Nicole Kidman has enjoyed a successful year thus far due to her portrayal in the hit film Lion and starring in the well-received series Big Little Lies alongside Reese Witherspoon.

New rumors have been ignited by Star claiming that Reese is frustrated and annoyed with Nicole for not properly promoting the series and instead putting all of her promotion efforts into Lion.

Gossip Cop shares the claims spewed by the supposed source to the tabloid.

“According to Star, Witherspoon is upset that her ‘Big Little Lies’ co-star is more interested in promoting her Oscar-nominated film, Lion, than their HBO series. A so-called ‘source’ tells the magazine, ‘Reese is furious that Nicole hasn’t done more to support ‘Big Little Lies. ‘All she’s talked about in interviews is Lion.’ The outlet’s dubious insider adds, ‘Had Reese known that Nicole would put the show so far on the back burner, she would have cast some random unknown to play Celeste.'”

This claim is clearly outrageous seeing as Nicole Kidman is an executive producer of Big Little Lies alongside Witherspoon, so as Gossip Cop notes, the beauty has “invested interest” and is completely focused on ensuring the HBO series gets publicity and is promoted.

Despite the story clearly being a fabrication, a rep for Reese was still contacted to verify and the rep ensures that the story was “completely made up” and that the co-stars have a great bond. It isn’t surprising that the tabloid would circulate such a rumor seeing as Star has been the culprit in fabricating stories in the past, such as the story that stated that Witherspoon was getting a $135 million divorce from her husband.

Kidman has been the subject of numerous rumors over the past year as well regarding her adorable marriage to country music star Keith Urban. When Lion was first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and Kidman showed up solo, speculation swirled that the actress and musician’s marriage was on the rocks. The claims were soon stamped out as false after both Keith and Nicole shared that the singer had a show that night hundreds of miles away from the Canadian city and simply could not be by her side. Keith and Nicole have been happily married for 10 years now.

In addition to her acting gigs and her beautiful marriage, Nicole Kidman has also managed to nab a Neutrogena campaign as their new face. Nicole swears by the brand and spoke openly about how using the brand’s sunscreen over the years has assisted in keeping her skin so flawless and youthful.

People shares the beauty’s words and about how she believes working with the brand is like the “perfect marriage.”

“I’ve always been such a believer in having good skin. Prior to working with them, I had their products because I’d read about them in magazines! I’ve grown up with an awareness of it. But [I’m] still always trying to teach people about it, as is Neutrogena. What would be so great would be to reduce skin cancer in the world.”

The ad within which Kidman speaks about her own experience over the years achieving and maintaining healthy skin gets real about the basics for skin health.

“‘I think when you’re really young, there’s cleanser and moisturizer, that’s it,’ Kidman says in a behind-the-scenes clip teasing her upcoming commercial, which will be revealed during the Academy Awards on February 25. ‘For me now, obviously, I’m of course looking to keep my skin as young as it can be. I mean, we all are, I think. So, I’m looking for products that can help that.'”

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