Lena Dunham upsets Trump supporters

Lena Dunham Enrages Donald Trump Supporters With Pro-Immigration Essay

Lena Dunham is back in the news, and conservatives — who see Dunham as some sort of antichrist figure — are upset. The Wrap has the news.

“Lena Dunham has penned an essay about immigrant women in honor of International Women’s Day, asking for her readers to fight with and for them.”

“Someone I love is undocumented. She is a personal hero of mine: She has cared for the dying, for the just-born, for people who can’t care for themselves. She has a vast and encompassing religious identity rooted only in love. She feeds people literally and figuratively. She is everything you could hope for from an American. But she has not been allowed to become one,” Dunham is quoted as writing in an essay that was first posted on LinkedIn.

Lena Dunham writes a pro-immigration essay
Lena Dunham defends an undocumented immigrant. [Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

In the essay, Dunham wonders what would happen if this woman was arrested or deported. The Girls star also praises this woman for her bravery and the fact she’s endured such harsh treatment at the hands of the paternalistic society she grew up in. In an article about the letter on Breitbart, the conservative commenters are very harsh on Lena Dunham. And they body shame her to make their point.

“How….Just HOWWW,…can an Ugly, Fat…LIBTARD…get so MUCH press??!!!” asks Fahgettaboudit 2.0.

“I think you will find people only listen to your virtue signaling while you sit naked on your filthy toilet eating pastries Lena,” claims Dastardly.

However, there is at least one commenter who was able to make a comment without insulting Dunham’s looks.

“Just shut up Lena. Seriously you are making yourself look like a fool. If you call yourself a feminist speak up for the women in countries where they have no rights at all,” says Maude.

Lena Dunham upsets the right wing
Lena Dunham is often brutally savaged by conservatives. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

On Wednesday afternoon, anti-Dunham trolls were out in full force.

Lena Dunham has been a huge target among conservatives who think she embraces child molestation (something Dunham has vehemently denied), abortion, and other things. Sometimes, she upsets liberals too. A perfect example of when Dunham upset both sides of the political isle occurred when — as the Daily Beast reported — Lena said she wished she had an abortion.

“On her podcast ‘Women of the Hour’ last week, Lena Dunham informed her audience that while she’s never had an abortion personally, she wishes she had so she could do her part to reduce stigma around the issue,” wrote columnist Erin Gloria Ryan, adding that Dunham felt guilty when asked to share her “abortion story.”

Ryan, like others, believed that treating abortion like some type of leisurely activity so Dunham can help “normalize it” produces a cartoonish version of liberalism that conservatives prey on. Lena Dunham eventually apologized for her comments.

Some people have gone so far as to blame Lena Dunham for Hillary Clinton’s loss, especially since Dunham actually campaigned for Clinton at several events. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Dunham said that blaming her was ridiculous.

“It’s amazing. I’m like, ‘Why don’t we check in with Russia, you guys?’ I think it tends to come more from the right wing, although I’m not sure. Now it’s so hard to know what’s coming from where, because stories get published on Breitbart and two days later they’re in Newsweek and you’re like, ‘What the fuck is happening right now?'”

Lena believes people are using her as a scapegoat because they need someone to blame. As disappointed as Lena Dunham is with the notion she prevented Hillary from being elected, it’s quite obvious the Girls creator will continue speaking out for what she believes in.

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