iPad Mini Thief Arrested

FBI Arrests JFK Worker Following iPad Mini Heist

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested a JFK International Airport worker for their part in a recent iPad mini heist.

Renel Rene Richardson was arrested after authorities talked to his co-workers at the New York Port Authority.

According to Richardson’s fellow workers, he had been asking strange questions about iPads and then asked them where he could obtain a forklift prior to the heist.

FBI officials say Renel used the forklift to move two pallets of iPad Minis onto a waiting truck. According to officials the man would have stolen more iPad mini devices had another airport worker not walked onto the scene of the theft.

According to the official report, Richardson played the part of the lookout guy at the Cargo Air Services building. The rest of his accomplices remain at large.

After arrested, one of the men involved the FBI had Richardson drive along with them to find the truck that was involved in the heist.

The FBI has not yet commented on the status of the case including whether or not the iPad Minis had been found.

The value of the stolen devices has been estimated as high as $1.9 million, although Apple and the FBI have not yet confirmed the haul’s total value.

Apple’s “LocateMe” feature would have come in handy had just one of the Apple iPad mini devices been turned on and activated prior to shipping.

Now just remember that, if you buy a stolen iPad mini in the New York area, you might literally have the FBI knocking on your door sometime in the near future.