Malia Obama's Not-So-Secret Admirer Talks Perfect Date

Malia Obama’s Not-So-Secret Admirer Has The Perfect Plan To Date Her

Malia Obama’s not-so-secret admirer has the perfect plan to go on a date with her. He elaborated on what he and the former first daughter would do and how he’d convince her father to approve.

TMZ caught up with Swae Lee at LAX this week when he was asked a few questions. He said he’d like to collaborate with Adele on some music as a means of “breaking” a few boundaries, but it was the subject of Malia Obama that really got him talking. The 21-year-old rapper would love to take Malia out and show her a great time. His ideas for romance aren’t so bad, either!

The Rae Sremmund singer shared that he’d take Malia out “on a dinner date 200 feet in the air on a suspended table, five-star restaurant.” He gushed that it would also be great if they hopped on a “jet ski” in the Bahamas.

How would Barack Obama feel about the rapper trying to win over his daughter? Lee had a plan for that as well by showing up with flowers for Malia and hope for her dad’s blessing.

“I’d pay my respects to Obama. Do it like a gentleman,” he said.

Would Malia Obama date Swae Lee? It’s unknown what her feelings are about the musician, but she’s busy working as an intern in New York City for Weinstein Company in the production/development department. Part of her job is reviewing movie scripts to decide which ones move on to the company’s higher-ups. The company is recognized for receiving scripts from major screenwriters and unknowns. Among some of the filmsWeinsten has produced include The King’s Speech, The Artist, Shakespeare in Love, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained, and Good Will Hunting.

The 18-year-old will begin her studies at Harvard University this fall. She’s currently making headlines for her taste in fashion while walking to work.

Last month, Malia was seen with noticeably lighter hair. She had lighter streaks put into the long mane, which had been a gradual process for a while.

Malia has also been up to other activities, such as spending time with her father. When the former president went to New York a few weeks ago, he and Malia attended the Broadway play, The Price. Their time together didn’t go unnoticed by the press, which captured images of Barack Obama getting a rock star greeting from the crowds outside.

Malia Obama was in the news last year for being carefree and partying to her heart’s content after graduation. She has since put more focus on her future but isn’t all business. She went on a skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado over President’s Day Weekend with her sister, Sasha.

In late 2016, Malia went on a three-month tour of Peru and Bolivia where she was touring when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in November. She joined a large group of travelers on the excursion to learn more about the South American culture. The 83-day journey was described as a way for adventurers to “examine current political trends, social movements and environmental conservation efforts in the mountains and jungles of Bolivia and Peru.”

One of the guides spoke of Malia’s impressive fluency in Spanish. He added that she was also “very humble and chatty.” Her revealed that she “was mesmerized by the Bolivian landscape.”

Although Malia Obama is no longer living in the White House, the public is still fascinated with this young lady and where she’s headed in her life. When she does get romantically involved with someone, keeping it quiet might be a huge challenge.

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