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Tonight, A Bravo ‘Southern Charm’ Tour On The #HotMessExpress Teases Season 4

It’s Easy, As The ABCs and the 123s!” If you are having Southern Charm withdrawal, Bravo is going to give you a dose tonight at 9 p.m. Est, taking you down memory lane to show you how you favorites have arrived in Season 4 of Southern Charm, which takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. Fans will get to see the Peter Pans of Charleston, when they were, um, younger, and also take a peek at how the May-December romance of the Southern Charm couple, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, got started.

Throughout the day today, Bravo showed various episodes from Southern Charm Season 3 to rev up Southern Charm fans for Season 4, which will start on April 3rd, says the Inquisitr. One of the big changes for Season 4 of Southern Charm will be the absence of executive producer, Whitney Sudler-Smith, who will become a sort of guest star on the show. Whitney is said to have become uncomfortable being on screen, but that won’t stop him from introducing a new plus one, Eliza Cummings to Southern Charm. Whitney and his former girlfriend Larissa Marolt broke up, and soon after, friends say he started dating Eliza, who is based in London.

Another redhead…better make it another tequila…

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Monsters and Critics says that fans spoke out on social media, and Bravo responded, putting together a Southern Charm preview show in advance of Season 4. The show, called “Southern Charm How They Got Here,” will recap the highs and the lows, while giving fans hints at what is to come in Season 4. Sources also say that Southern Charm is about to become one of Bravo’s top franchises, adding in Southern Charm Savannah, and Southern Charm New Orleans to the mix. With the Real Housewives locations turning in disappointing ratings, the future might just be going south.


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The Southern Charm flashbacks will, of course, cover the romance of Kathryn Dennis, 24 and Thomas Ravenel, 54, including the birth of their two children, Kensie and Saint, now the subject of a custody tug of war, and accusations on both sides of substance abuse. Next will be the story of Craig Conover, who at the start was a law student from Delaware who had lost his way but didn’t have the family money to fall back on. The Craig question for Season 4 of Southern Charm is, did Craig really take the bar? Did he pass?

Then there is good old Shep. Shep started Southern Charm as a party boy, not ready to grow up, but now he is closer to 40 than 30, but he is a business owner, and a homeowner, with a license to dabble in real estate. He took a hard pass on a relationship with Landon, and approaching Season 4, he is still playing the field, but Southern Charm is introducing a new young rooster for the Shep and Craig cock fights, named Austen Kroll.

Kensie knew right where to go to find this gem. Golly I love my baby girl so much I could scream!!! Notice Kbaby checking out her unihorn..ahh she is perfect ????????????????????????????????????

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When Bravo released the teaser video for Season 4 of Southern Charm, fans went wild on social media, wondering what was going on, and what was the state of the relationship with Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. In the video, Thomas Ravenel makes accusations about the sobriety of Kathryn Dennis, saying that Kathryn refuses to take a drug test, yet sources close to the show say that Kathryn takes them, and passes them weekly and that the results are shared with Ravenel’s legal team.

“Thomas likes to play mind games, putting accusations out there. He thinks if he says something enough, it will be true.”

We got enemies. Got a lot of enemies. Our name is Dracula and we have a long f-ing memory #nyc

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Fitsnews says that the current custody situation is temporary and that Kathryn and Thomas will be back to the drawing table, this time for mediation to work out a fixed custody plan for Kensie and Saint. Kathryn had reportedly had the children with her every other weekend for a long weekend until Ravenel took the children with him out to the Palm Beach area of California for the winter polo season. Ravenel is said to be returning to Charleston sometime around the first of April.

Will you watch the big Southern Charm special tonight? Who are you eager to see return to the show?

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