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‘Suits’ Season 7 Promo, Return Date, And What Is Next For Harvey, Donna And Mike

Suits Season 7 will be opening a brand new chapter when it premieres this summer. Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adam) arrives next season as a full-fledged lawyer, while his mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) starts off as the firm’s managing partner. Suits Season 7 will welcome back the original team, but along with that, it is set to introduce new beginnings, new power dynamics, and new conflicts.

The pilot episode of Suits saw Harvey hiring Mike as his associate despite knowing that he never went to a law school. In the recently concluded season, he gave Mike a new job offer, but this time, he was hiring a real lawyer. Suits Season 6 finale saw Mike passing the character and fitness part of the New York Bar.

With Mike returning to the firm as a lawyer and Harvey taking over the reins of Pearson Specter Litt, the next season of the legal drama series is expected to sail in a new direction and explore new dynamics.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh said that Season 7 of the series would see the “dream team” back together. He told the Hollywood Reporter (THR) that the new season would explore how Harvey and co were going to work together with their new power dynamics.

“… So [season] seven is about seeing how this team is going to work together with their new power dynamics, how the firm is going to work with Jessica’s absence and how Harvey is going to respond to being in a power position as opposed to the freelance superstar.”

In Suits Season 7, Harvey is likely to act less audacious and more responsible because of his new role. Korsh told Deadline that Harvey was always the number two, and with Jessica (Gina Torres) heading the firm, he had the freedom to behave as a freestyler.

“He could be a gunslinger and do wild things because Jessica was always there to rein him in and pick up the slack.”

Now that he is stepping into Jessica’s shoes, Harvey will have to be aware of the consequences of his actions that may affect not only him but also Mike, Louis (Rick Hoffman), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Rachel (Meghan Markle), and the whole firm.

Suits actor Gabriel Macht
Suits Season 7 to see Harvey Specter shed his freestyle ways and become a responsible managing partner. [Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]

For Harvey, Suits Season 7 is probably the season where he evolves into a true leader. Korsh told TV Line that Harvey emerging from Jessica’s shadow and people’s reactions to Harvey as managing partner would play out in the new season.

Mike, too, begins a new journey in Suits Season 7. Korsh said that he no longer had to worry about being a fraud, adding that mentally, it would allow him to step out of the shadows and be a little more confident.

Suits Actor Patrick J Adams
Mike and Harvey start on a new journey in Suits Season 7. [Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

Mike agreed to come back to the firm on certain conditions, including one where he would take up pro bono cases and be allowed to bring the clinic on to any case that he wanted. As the previous seasons have shown, the pro bono cases can be at odds with corporate clients’ interests.

Korsh told Deadline that Harvey and Mike probably did not see the consequences of the deal and what that would mean moving forward. Suits Season 7 will be exploring that.

“Harvey knows you can’t make this deal with Mike and then just expect it to go away. I think what’s going to happen is they didn’t necessarily foresee the consequences of what this deal will mean moving forward, and we definitely explore that with both. We haven’t seen the last of the clinic certainly.”

And, speaking of what is in store for Donna in the upcoming season, Korsh told EW that her role was probably going to change in the new season.

“I feel like Donna’s role on the show is going to change next year and that’s a result of this story line that started as a stretching of the bounds of where we are currently in technology.”

After she found out that The Donna could not be patented and she had to sell her business venture as well, Donna told Harvey that it was never about money and she wanted something more. She did not explain what she wanted. The next season will be providing an answer, as well as explore the personal and professional aspects of that.

USA Network has yet to announce Suits Season 7’s premiere date. It is likely to premiere in the final week of June or in the first week of July. According to IMDb, Suits returns with Season 7 on June 21.

Watch here the promo for Suits Season 7.

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