CNBLUE To Make 2017 K-Pop Or K-Rock Comeback With ‘7℃N’ This Month

CNBLUE 7℃N Group Image

Out of all the Korean musical acts considered K-pop idols, the one that uniquely stands out is Code Name: Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, Emotional, better known as CNBlue. Making their debut back in 2009, which is the year K-pop made its biggest impact internationally, CNBlue is considered the most popular K-pop act, which signaled a return to traditional music bands, compared to boy bands like EXO, BTS, or Super Junior.

To be more precise, CNBlue is a K-rock band, and each member — Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin, and Kwangjin (formerly) — play an instrument. Eventually, their “concept” would be picked up by other Korean entertainment agencies and labels, most notably JYP Entertainment, when Wonder Girls made their comeback as a girl band with their last full-length studio album REBOOT.

CNBlue is very popular and they had a very successful 2016 with their sixth Korean EP, or mini-album, Blueming, and their fifth Japanese full-length studio album, Euphoria, topped off with their fifth Anniversary Arena Tour, My Glory Days.

Now CNBlue is ready to continue their success from 2016. The band has announced they will make their first K-pop comeback (or should it be K-rock comeback) with 7℃N.

News of CNBlue releasing new music this year was first announced on their official social media accounts, especially Daum Cafe, and was first spread through K-pop entertainment media via Korean entertainment news outlets like Nate and Xports News. FNC Entertainment, the label and agency that represents CNBlue, released a teaser poster for the band’s next release.

CNBLUE's 7℃N Announcement

As shown from the teaser image attached above, CNBlue’s upcoming comeback will be their seventh EP, or mini-album, overall and it is titled 7℃N. It will release on March 20.

Despite the official announcement for CNBlue’s comeback, many already knew the band was working on their next project. Prior to FNC Entertainment’s announcement, it was reported that CNBlue began filming their new music video on March 6. Even Yonghwa revealed that he had taken part in composing and writing the lyrics for the first released song.

There are no scheduled pre-release promotions, however, CNBlue and FNC Entertainment did release a schedule so K-pop fans, especially those who are Boice (the official fan club of CNBlue), would be in-the-know when certain pre-release promotions actually release, as reported by Soompi.

CNBLUE's 7℃N Schedule

The first pre-release promotion will hit on March 13 in Korea. Though the description is convoluted, it will most likely be a 30-second teaser video, and unveiling of the album cover, and poster. The “On” and “Off” teasers are most likely images. As for the other teasers listed, they are pretty straight forward.

It is safe to say that Boice will definitely check out CNBlue’s first comeback for 2017, but it will be a bit competitive. It just happens that Highlight — the K-pop boy band formerly known as Beast or B2ST — will also be making their re-debut with their “first” EP, or mini-album, Can You Feel It? K-pop fans could eventually listen to both, and the initial numbers for records and sales are usually the most vital within the first 24 hours.

Ultimately, CNBlue will depend on their popular and individuality among a sea of boy bands and girl groups. Their last EP, Blueming, sold almost 100,000 copies in both Korea and Japan. Their first song, “You’re So Fine,” had almost 350,000 digital downloads in Korea alone. If those numbers hold up, it is safe to say that CNBlue will just be fine.

[Featured Image by FNC Entertainment/CNBlue’s Official Daum Cafe]