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‘Sister Wives’ Premiere: The Polygamy Clan Is Buying New Homes

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Sisters Wives started a new season Sunday on TLC. During the premiere episode, Kody and Janelle’s daughter Madison rejected the polygamist faith. Kody and Mary’s daughter Mariah announced that she embraces the fundamentalist view of the LDS religion and that she does intend to one day engage in a polygamist marriage.

Mariah has this to say during the first new episode of Sister Wives:

“I’m not just open to the idea; I am going to have sister wives. Like, I am. Like, I am. One of the reasons I want to go back to Utah is because that’s where my church is; that’s where my people are.”

When discussing their differing view on marriage, Madison very bluntly stated that she has no intention of sharing her husband, according to Huliq. The family is reportedly supportive of their children making their own decisions about how to live their lives, and sister wife Janelle even supports gay marriage, according to the Huffington Post.

Kody’s struggles to afford housing for his wives and growing brood were also a primary focus of the new Sister Wives episode. The four new homes the reality show stars want to purchase are reportedly valued at $400,000 or more.

Sister wife Robyn was allegedly able to repair her credit very quickly and qualified for a home loan. Meri and Kody, who are legally married, reportedly qualified to purchase a home together. The remaining two wives were also supposedly able to reach the fiscal threshold necessary to buy new homes as well.

Kody Brown and his wives have a total of 17 children. Robyn plans to have more bundles of joy with her shared husband. Fans of Sister Wives will follow Mary as she struggles with Robyn’s offer to carry a baby for her this season. Mary’s only daughter is nearly grown and the idea of starting all over again is allegedly causing her to carefully consider mothering another infant.

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5 Responses to “‘Sister Wives’ Premiere: The Polygamy Clan Is Buying New Homes”

  1. Sue Kilstrom

    I have a couple questions. First, what kind of employment is Kody in? To be able to quallify for four homes and with only 1 wife working part-time (Janelle). Or to put it another can three "single" moms also qualify again iwth only one working part-time. I would like to do whatever Kody does….sport cars, multiple vans, Christmas home, and able to purchase 4 homes. I do like watching the show! Just wondering…

  2. Patrice McMorrow

    Right on. Who pays for all of this. The example you are setting for your children is dispicable. Sexual promiscuity under the guise of religious freedom. Money and house and sports cars and brand new houses, with wet bars and extras. Arrest Cody and girls get jobs, stop having kids you can't afford and stop all your whining. Janelle is the only stron one in the bunch and willing to work hard for the money.

  3. Chica Sillywabbit

    Despicable is a understatement!
    Kody sporting around in his new sports car!
    Here is a man with so many wife's and children. Driving a sports car! While his wives are driving older family cars. How are they able to afford all this! So many questions on these dysfunctional parents. UNBELIEVABLE

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