Furious Trump video with Ivanka and Jared

Furious President Trump Video With Ivanka And Jared Materializes

A video of a furious President Donald Trump with Ivanka and Jared looking on has emerged. The president was seen in the Oval Office on Friday engaging in a heated argument with Steven Bannon and his senior advisors. Mr. Trump was angry due to Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself after the president had told reporters that he had confidence in Sessions and did not see any reason for him to step down.

Jeff Sessions found himself in trouble for being in contact with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before the elections. He had previously under sworn testimony denied that there were no such meetings.

Furious Trump video with Ivanka and Jared
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“I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn’t have did not have communications with the Russians, and I’m unable to comment on it.”

According to the Washington Post, Sessions spoke to the Russian ambassador not once but twice, and he had not mentioned this during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general. His role as attorney general oversees the Justice Department as well as the FBI of which have been investigating Russia and links to the 2016 campaign.

After being caught in own contradictions and confusion, Sessions finally recused himself despite trying to explain that his meetings were as a senator and not as representative for Trump’s campaign.

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Donald’s Big Eruption

The president’s infuriation stemmed from the Sessions step down, and he seems to have been disappointed by this and decided to take it out on his senior staff. It could be assumed that he was angry at them as well for other reasons. He allegedly took out his anger on Bannon and his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He apparently told the two that they wouldn’t be joining him on the Air Force One to Florida. Bannon was eventually seen boarding Air Force One.

According to a source for CNN, Trump felt that the recusal was haste and that there was a lot of expletives in the process of expressing of anger.

However, it’s clear from the video that there was a lot of tension as Bannon was seen expressing himself in the furious Trump video as Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer were seen looking on as the conversation ensued. Though, it’s not so clear what they may have been having a heated discussion about. Mr. Trump is allegedly angry with his staff and has accused them of not dealing with situations such as Sessions properly.

Furious Trump video with Ivanka and Jared
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President Trump was fuming as he felt that due to Sessions’ declaration, a lot of the focus had quickly shifted from what his government was doing and the apparent progress that he was making. The president is apparently tired of people seeing what wrongs have been done so far by his presidency rather than what good there may be. The furious Trump video with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner apparently showed a new side of the president as they hadn’t seen him that upset before.

Obama’s Wiretap

After his heated conversation with his senior staff, the president decided to go on to his Twitter account and accuse former president Obama of authorizing a wiretap.

He claimed that the former president had placed a wiretap right before the elections on Trump Tower. A wiretap apparently can only be authorized and directed if there is probable cause and that the telephone lines and internet addresses were being used by foreign agents of power.

The president’s claims, according to the director of the FBI James Comey, are false. He has reportedly asked the FBI to publicly state that the claims made by the president via social media were false.

He requested that the claims should be rejected, as it would mean that the organization had broken the law and that this was false. A different source also confirmed that this was indeed a false statement made by the president.

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