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New AP Football Poll Puts Notre Dame At No. 1

notre dame

The New AP football poll ranks Notre Dame as the number 1 team in the country.

The Fighting Irish’s move to the top of the poll shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Notre Dame remained undefeated with a dominating 38-0 victory over Wake Forest while the previously ranked No. 1 and No. 2 teams both suffered surprising losses.

According to the Associated Press, this is the first time that Notre Dame has reached the top spot on the AP football poll since Nov. 14, 1993. If the Fighting Irish can defeat USC next week they will complete their a perfect regular season and earn a spot in the BCS championship game.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said that his team is playing like a No. 1 team.

“I told them tonight I’m proud of them. I voted them No. 1 for a reason, because I think they’re the best team in the country. I think they played like that tonight.”

Kelly, of course, isn’t the only one who thinks that Notre Dame is the number 1 team in the country. According to Sports Illustrated, Notre Dame received all 60 first place votes to climb to the top of the poll.

Notre Dame is riding high at the moment but they’ll have a challenge next week. Wide receiver John Goodman said that the team is up to the challenge.

“We’re going to be more focused than ever. The program is at an all-time high. It’s something we want to keep going. We won’t let USC get in our way. We just know we have one more, and we’re good to go for a national championship, hopefully.”

Here are the top 25 teams in the country.

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State
  5. Oregon
  6. Florida
  7. Kansas State
  8. LSU
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Florida State
  11. Stanford
  12. Clemson
  13. South Carolina
  14. Oklahoma
  15. UCLA
  16. Oregon State
  17. Nebraska
  18. Texas
  19. Louisville
  20. Michigan
  21. Rutgers
  22. Oklahoma State
  23. Kent State
  24. Northern Illinois
  25. Utah State and Mississippi State

Are you surprised that Notre Dame is ranked number 1 in the country?

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81 Responses to “New AP Football Poll Puts Notre Dame At No. 1”

  1. Anonymous

    The BCS is going to be about BS this year because go figure, Ohio State is undefeated and they are not going to be allowed to compete for the champiionship? ACC and SEC have gotten away with more! I think they obviously feel threatened by the big ten for some reason. If they didn't feel threatened by them then why are they so unfair to them? I'm not going to bother watching bowl games this year, I might as well watch pro wrestling. Oh by the way, why are Rutgers and Maryland talking to the big ten and not the SEC or ACC? Hmmm.

  2. Rich O'Connor

    Ohio State is a powder team, not chance at beating a real top 5 team. ACC/SEC gotten away with more? WTH are talking about. Best team in the country is still Bama. Of course youll only realize after they beat the hell out of ND(if they can make it past USC). The SEC doesnt need Rutgers or Maryland, they've already expanded. Why would the SEC even bother with those 2 teams. They are a joke.

  3. Philip Marquez

    I'm certainly not a fan of the SEC, but lets be honest dude. The SEC isn't worrying about Ohio State. Even if they were bowl eligible this year what have they done that indicates they would do anything different but get their asses kicked. Is this Ohio State team better than any of Tressel's teams that got THOROUGHLY manhandled. Umhhh….NO!

  4. Rosanne Wray

    way to go irish. remenber nd doesn't have pay attention to the pollesters, why because of their team spirit, their confidenc e in themselves and their coachs. that what nd mind set is. usc be ready, it our turn now. fan for ever. zooch

  5. Paul Harmon

    Undefeated is undefeated. Bama lacks an offense and should not get another free ride to the championship game. A and M dominated Bama.

  6. Bob Farkas

    ND played only one other team rated in the AP top 25.(Stanford) and they won this on bad calls. How can the possibly rated number 1?

  7. Douglas Harry

    They came within a whisper of coming back and beating A&M. Their lapse of defense in the first half was not habitual. It won't happen again. I feel sorry for the teams they meet the rest of the season. Saban won't abandon the running game again. No Johnny Football will surprise them again, either. I love college football. Any team can beat any other.

  8. Patrick Nance

    So where's Boise State with an 8-2 record and spanking Colorado State? They will probably be tri-champions of Mountian West Conference…

  9. Thomas Cole

    Kent and NIU are a big story, too. No surprise with Brian Kelly. He did similar things at CMU in his third year there. Same style; same strategies. Fast defense, young quarterback (ala LeFevour)!

  10. Diana Walksinwater

    BSU is now 9-2 but last week Washington, a 7-4, got into the top 25 with BSU nowhere in sight. Oregon and Alabama are now both a 1 loss team but Bama gets back into #2? These polls drive me crazy!

  11. Anonymous

    How did Texas a&m dominate Bama when Bama came back and lost because of a last second interception. Yes they dominated the first half but the barely held on for the win. I am not a Bama fan but i am a realist.

  12. Hubert Charles Golson

    I'm Glad Bama gets another shot what upsets me is folks wonder why or complain that yes Bama lost to A&M last week and I tip my hat to A&M but we forget Norte Dame struggled against an unranked Pitt Team and they Question Bama schedule but lets look at the nobodys the Irish play New Mexico St oh gee that a darn Tough team, Navy and others, The SEC is a tough conference, and I know other Conferences are good too But The Irish wouldn't last In SEC or The ACC in my humble opinion.

  13. Anonymous

    I'd love to see Texas A&M have a rematch with Louisiana Tech in a bowl game. Their 59-57 game was the most exciting game of the year in my opinion.

  14. Domonique Mont'e Wyatt

    Actually they are… They have urban meyer and they are undefeated, something only one other team in the country can claim. So if they were bowl eligible they wouldn't have to worry about the SEC teams because they would win their conference championship and be playing Norte Dame in Miami for the National Championship

  15. Paul Harmon

    Dude, A & M took kt to them in their own house. C'mon. The country doesn't want to see Bama crackers back into another championship game.

  16. Paul Harmon

    Hell the Irish played a tougher schedule than Crackerbama. Bama always wants to come in the back door, sexually and to the championship game.

  17. Paul Keeton

    Why would the SEC feel threatened by the big Ten. Bama scheduled a game with the big ten this year. Did you notice what happened. Any of the top ten teams could go undefeated in the big ten. The SEC expanded with Texas A&M and Missouri. That's a heck of a lot better than Rutgers and Maryland.

  18. Anonymous

    Are you kidding. A&M played bama step for step on offense and defense. Plus they lost at HOME! Alabama came within a hair of losing to L.S.U. Alabama opponent records are a combined 65-67. They have a Top twenty record of 2-1. Three of their wins were against W. Kentucky, Fla. Atlantic and W. Carolina. They have not played Florida, Georgia or S. Carolina. The three top teams in the East. So, get some coffee and wake up.

  19. Carl Moore

    Forget about the SEC, the Pac 12 is the toughest this year.Sec has 6 teams with a losing record , Pac 12 has 4.Oregon 3 non league teams has won 19 and lost 14, Alabama played 4 non league games 18 wins and 26 lost.

  20. Paul Harmon

    I laugh at Alabama Crimson Crackers. That State still hasn't fully come in to the Union and until they do they should be stripped of their titles. They should not be champions of the Union until they fully endorse the Union. They view their black players as sharecroppers. Bama leads the nation in one statistic. They have the highest percent of fans who enjoy coon hunting.

  21. Andrew Michael Storm

    Threatened by the Big Ten, what a BIG JOKE! Ohio State could not beat anyone on the Top Fifteen list and they do NOT deserve to even be listed in the Top Ten. And they do NOT even want to be caught anywhere near the National Title Game because they would get a Butt Whoopin' like you would not believe! They play NO ONE, and even worse schedule than Oregon and you see what happened once they finally played anyone with even a hint of Defense. The Big Ten is a JOKE right now. It once was the Mighty Conference and I know it is hard for you die hard Big Ten folks to get over it just like it is hard for the die hard PAC fans to realize that Oregon is not the unbeatable team they thought they were. But truth be told THAT is just the way it is. Ohio State has barely beaten several teams this season, they barely beat Cal and that was at Home not on the road, they sq.

  22. Mark Maxon

    In history, Dougie? Really? Their program doesn't hold up to schools like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, etc. Scoreboard, Dougie.

  23. Leslie Kersey-Gresco

    I know Notre Dameis undefeated, as is Ohio State ( But Gentelmen Jim and his Thugs ) left the school and the rest of the guys in a bad way. So of course Notore Dame is #1. But I guess we'll find out when Bama & Notre Dame square off for the champitionship. I am a Buckeye at heart, but I personally think BAMA is still the best team in the country. That lose was a case of the ANY TEAM CAN BE BEATEN ANY GIVEN DAY.
    but if they played 3 times, Bama would win 2 out of that 3. They are just to complete, even when their not firing on all eight cylinder's. I guess time will tell. I still love my BUCKEYE'S, and meyer's will build a team to be reconded with.

  24. Andrew Michael Storm

    They squeaked by Mich State by 1 pt and State is hardly a power this year; they gave up 49 pts to Indiana of all folks and only won by 3pts; slid by Purdue; and this week had to go to overtime to beat Wisconsin. They have given up at least 10 pts to everyone they have played even Miami of Ohio and UAB, and as many as 49 pts; and have averaged giving up an average of 23 pts a game in 11 games while scoring an average of just a hair more than 38 pts per game which means their average margin of victory is only 15 pts, hardly anything to brag about if you look at the teams they played, especially considering that only one of the teams they have played this season are even ranked in the Top 25 and that is Nebraska at #17. They will play Michigan # 20 this week. Even Notre Dame has already beaten two teams ranked in the Top 25; Alabama has played 4 teams ranked in the Top 25 and beat all but one of them losing only to Texas A & M. And we will see if Ohio State beats Michigan 41- 14 like Alabama did.

  25. Paul Harmon

    Andrew u had better c a counelor. Your infatuation with the SEC reveals a serious inferiorty complex. Half the SEC sucks. The other half is overrated.

  26. Andrew Michael Storm

    Actually if they were eligible they would still be ranked where they are and would be even lower in the BCS because they play a weak schedule so NO they would NOT be in the Championship picture even though they are undefeated at this point! and the still have to get past Mich this week and I bet Mich has a surprise waiting for them. It will be Urban's first loss at State! Mark it down! Remember Bama beat Mich 41-14 so compare the games!

  27. Linda Bellmer Bass

    I KNOW….even Utah State, Northern Illinois and Kent State are in the top 25. WOW.

  28. Anonymous

    bama -a & m don't like either one! but bama got what they deserved and the aggies got Lucky! aggies better not play the Longhorns is a Bowl bcuz we will BEAT them Again!

  29. Bill Brouillette

    The Florida Gators don't belong in the top 10. The laast 2 weeks they barely beat virtually unknowns. Why do the writers think the SEC is so great? 4 teams in the top 10. Alabama is the only one that is there legitimaely.

  30. Martin Sykes

    I do believe Alabama would defeat Notre Dame. The latter is not a better team than Stanford, who outplayed them. Oregon lost to a good team. Oregon State, Texas A&M, UCLA could do well vs those others, in the top echelon.

  31. Bill Harmon

    It's about time. I am a ND fan of many, many years and I hope they can go all the way.
    and win the BS bowl (mistake intended).
    But as good as their defense is I don't think it will win whoever they may play if that team has a top rated offense.
    I also don't think their QB is as good as some think he is. He's reckless and extremely lucky. Their low scores show he is not that good.

    But I want them to be uno1! GO IRISH!

    PS: Ala is NOT the best they play a very easy sched.

  32. Kurt Kreiger

    2 thru 9 are all better teams than "Over rated-Dame"….all had tougher schedules…..USC will knock 'em off Saturday…..

  33. Mike Morse

    Upset because Ohio State can't play in the post season? Does that mean you also think Penn State should be allowed to play in the post season? Ohio State broke the rules, and the NCAA punished them, unless you are saying that they didn't do anything wrong. I would also bet you think USC is squeaky clean and that the manager acted alone when he deflated the balls in their game against Oregon. Also lets bring up the fact that Ohio State has gotten crushed in every NCAA title game they have played in football since they won the title against Miami. It has long been argued that the SEC is the best football conference, and lately I would be hard press to argue against that, though I still wonder if the true facts came out about Cam Newton and Auburn. Yes Alabama crushed Michigan, and lost to A&M last week. Right now I believe the the SEC is the best football conference, will it be that way in the coming years, not sure. What I do know is that the Big Ten teams have been primarily built for cold weather and tough playing conditions. With the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten, it helped the conference become stronger, and if Maryland and Rutgers join it will only help. I will say this, if you took an SEC team and had them play a full Big Ten schedule for five years would they have a winning record in mid October through late November I don't know, but it would be interesting to see them play in the conditions that are typical for the Big Ten schools.

  34. Jim Spoor

    LOL, nobody is squeaky clean…….and don't get me started on college basketball

  35. Patrick Nance

    That would be people from Boise and BSU alums… kind of snobby on your part don't you think?

  36. Steve Beck

    How does Alabama move up by beating Western Carolina? They are a 1-10 team in one of the weakest lower level conferences in the nation.

  37. Eric Douglas

    Ohio State is in a transition year. Alabama has been running with Saban for a few years now. What was Saban's record his first year?

  38. Douglas Harry

    I report. You decide. Name the only coach with a BCS championship at two different universities? Answer: Nick Saban, 1 at LSU; 2 at Alabama. Reigning champion? Alabama. You can't be the best until you've beaten the best.

  39. Victor Irving

    Douglas Harry, wow they beat a team that has won two (2) games in the last two years. The refs cheated for them last year to keep their record and they tried to cheat them a win against A&M. They should have dropped a lot farther in the poll last week.

  40. Victor Irving

    Ryan Caravello, a tough schedule doesn't include teams that have only won 2 games in 2 years.

  41. Victor Irving

    Look at the nobodies that Bama plays west Carolina, 2 wins in 2 years.

  42. Douglas Harry

    Four points? And stopping the winning drive with an end zone interception is huge? Oh, please. Obviously you don't watch Alabama football. Two National Championships in three years is a helluva achievement. Most of these teams couldn't win that many in forty years. Beating LSU is huge. That's no cupcake. Refs cheat? WTF? Did you see what they did to UM?

  43. Jeff Gordon

    Think about it. The polls are based on the record and by the magin of victory and the quality of teams they played. Also by their remaining schedule. Any team can have a bad Saturday and lose to a team they should easily beat and that will shake up the polls.

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